Thursday, 31 March 2011

Prom Night


I should know by now that when I go to the bank on a morning, sticking up a Back In 5 Minutes sign is a tad optimistic! Going to start campaigning for my branch to have one of those priority customer counters so business account holders can get through quicker, and in my case open the shop! I have a feeling I am not their greatest priority but we'll see how it goes!

Got the last episode of Lily Allen: From Riches To Rags recorded on my Sky+ so looking forward to catching up on that. It's been really great (in a schadenfreude way, I guess!) to see that even with an infinitely larger budget, setting up a clothing shop is not the easiest thing. I thought it was just me being an idiot! I've found the whole thing quite inspiring to be honest! Really want to visit Lucy In Disguise when I can next treat myself to a trip to London (that's your cue to buy lots of stuff from Unorthodox so I can!).

I just had to break off to panic that we were having an earthquake, but it turns out it was just the roadworks people round the back of the shop driving a... erm, is it a steamroller if there's no steam? Anyway, it made the entire building shake. It's too early in the day for noisy machinery (says the girl currently listening to an Alec Empire track).

With prom season coming up, I thought this dress would be a perfect Pick Of The Day. This is the Special Evening SENOA06 Prom Dress in Black, £55.00. It comes with the shawl as well, and is one of the most admired of our prom dresses, with beautiful sequined detail on the side going up to the neckline and straps. It has an elasticated back as well, so it fits like it was made for you. An absolute bargain for the price! We have a selection of Special Evening dresses on our online shop and in store, however if you are looking for a specific size or colour that you don't see, just ask and we may be able to order it in for you.

Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!


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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

tRuffle Shuffle


Erm, where did the sunshine go? It'll be back right? Not a fan of grey days. I really do have that oh so British obsession with the weather.

Our friend @funkyninjadoo has started a bit of a campaign to boost the follower numbers on the Unorthodox twitter, so go check out our page and follow us (and her, while you're at it!).

I think I'm also now allowed to say a big congratulations to Tahnee & Matt Burgess (both of whom have modelled for us, among other huge favours) who are expecting their second baby, following on from the gorgeous Zack. Shame we don't do a children's line... :)

Finally got around to doing my nails again yesterday. Went for Barry M Nail Paint in Cobalt Blue, undercoated and topped with my ever-essential Barry M 3 In 1 Nail Paint.

If I have to stick Employers Liability Insurance certificates on the wall, you'd think they could at least make them a little more decorative!


In hope that the Summer is going to come round soon (and because it was RR creative supremo Kiran's birthday this week), I thought this would be a perfect Pick Of The Day. This is the RedRock Fashion Ruffle Vest, £16.00. Everyone always comments on the beautiful blue of the ruffle detail on the shoulder, and how it contrasts with the khaki/grey colour of the vest itself. Flattering, it's a great Summer piece, combining comfort and simplicity with a touch of glamour. RedRock Fashion make fantastic, colourful and eye-catching pieces that exude effortless cool, like it was just something you threw on and the fact you look awesome is just a happy accident. Not many labels can manage that!

Halfway through the week, just about. Think we'll make it to the weekend? YEAH!


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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Back To Black (and white)


How was your weekend? We admittedly spent most of it in the Horseshoe, first on Saturday night for Retro-Beat with The Lucky 27's playing live, then on Sunday for their fantastic comedy night. If you're in the area, and you've not checked out the Sunday night comedy, make sure you do, it's fantastic!

Finished reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest. As it's the last book in the Millennium trilogy, I'm feeling a bit at a loss now! Have just started Kate Atkinson's Started Early, Took My Dog, though, and will report back on that one.

Pick Of The Day today is this distinctive, monochrome Monsalina Chic White & Black Mini Dress, now on sale at only £25.00. We also have a small number of these left in black with white detail as well. With the fantastic tailoring and quality that we've come to expect from Monsalina Chic, it's a bargain! The elasticated back means it fits perfectly, it's surprisingly flattering, and it comes with clear straps that can be attached to the dress, or to a bra, if you like. It's that kind of attention to detail that makes loving this label so easy! This is a great dress for showing off your tan this summer!

Have a great day!


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Saturday, 26 March 2011



It's the weekend! Let the excitement commence. We'll most likely be heading down the road to The Horseshoe tonight to check out Unorthodox Boy, Pete, DJing for Retro-Beat, with The Lucky 27's and The Tea Rooms playing live. Got any exciting plans?

Still not got around to re-dying my hair. Procrastination, it's my biggest fault! But it will be back to all of it's Stargazer Violet glory very soon!

Pick Of The Day today is this Max C Lace Bow Vest Top, now on sale at £17.00 (reduced from £25.00). Sizes and stock are now very limited, so get in quick for a Summer bargain. This cream vest is decorated with black lace detail, and a small pearl-effect charm in the gathered centre of the bow. As it's a long vest top, it can be worn any number of ways, and monochrome is very big this season. In this photo we have teamed it with Death Kitty Skull Rose Leggings, but it also looks fantastic just worn with jeans and maybe a Yumi Malin Blazer to follow the monochrome theme.

Have a great Saturday. If you're popping in the shop, we look forward to seeing you, or just place your order online via our online shop and we'll get them out to you ASAP.


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Friday, 25 March 2011

How To Train Your Dragonfly


Sun is shining, we've got the door open, the iPod is on shuffle as usual but it seems to be choosing to reflect the sunny Friday vibe, all is good in the world! So get shopping!

Sorry to report but we have currently sold out of the Barry M Instant Nail Effects, however panic not, we will try to get some more in as soon as possible, including the gorgeous new colours they've just released!

Think it's time to dye my hair again. Got some of the Stargazer dye in Violet left so going to use that up, but any suggestions what colour I should go for next? On the same thread of personal favourites from the shop, I'm wearing my Iska Layers Dress today. So flattering and yet so comfortable, it's one of my favourites.

Did you see the love of all things bird-print in this week's Heat magazine? If so, can't believe they overlooked the gorgeous Yumi Kenna Swallow Maxi Dress. It's so pretty! However, if you're more on the side of the fruit prints, check out our handmade, one-off Maddie Ladies Who Lunch Bag in Tropical Fruit.

Pick Of The Day today is perfect for getting you in the Summer mood and in touch with nature. This handmade, one-off JP Jewellery Dragonfly Necklace, £20.00, features a pink and white diamante dragonfly, with extra chains decorated with leaves and hearts. Delicate but eye-catching. Made locally, we are the exclusive stockists of JP Jewellery, and JP herself has said there will never be another one of these, so it's unique as well as beautiful.

Have a fantastic Friday, and if you don't, just remember, it's almost the weekend!


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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elephant Love Medley


I do like to try to stick to music related blog titles (this one is from Moulin Rouge). Granted, ones relating to today's Pick Of The Day were limited so this is all I could come up with. I'd already used Nelly The Elephant on our Elephant Border Shoulder Bag.

Just had a chat with our electricity supplier and explained that repeatedly sending me a letter telling me their metre reader says the property is empty leaves me a bit miffed. It's like telling someone their house looks abandoned! They were very nice about it, though. But if you are our metre reader, you're not in my good books! Cheeky sod!

On my ongoing fun with telemarketers, I had a call from one towards the end of yesterday. As I was having a conversation with someone in the shop, I said I wasn't here and pretended to be Isabel (our executive minion). They'll probably call back today and I'll have to speak to them. I should have told them they wanted Dave (our fictitious manager mentioned in previous blog posts) but I'd already used the 'she' pronoun in regards to me not being here. Need to think a little quicker in future! Plus, I only tend to bring Dave into play when they assume the business owner is a man, just to get my own back.

In light of yesterday's budget, I though we should have a bit of a gift-giving bargain for our Pick Of The Day. This ethically traded Elephant Rainbow Incense Set, £4.00, is perfect for Mothers Day, or just treating yourself or a friend. Beautifully presented, they include a wooden tray, 2 types of scented incense sticks (either Rose/Orchid, Jasmine/Ylang Ylang, Tulip/Sandalwood or Lavender/Ocean), a little ceramic elephant to hold your incense sticks, an assortment of incense cones (Lavender, Ocean, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang), and a little ceramic bowl for the cones. It's a lovely little set to help someone relax and enjoy their space. We also sell Nag Champa Incense (one of the most popular brands, known for its quality) as well, if you need a top up.

If you have chance to be out in the sunshine today, enjoy!


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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bruise Violet


We're celebrating the first bit of almost warm weather by having the door of the shop open. Except our side of the street isn't getting any sunshine so I'm a bit chilly and I'd forgotten how noisy the traffic was. Dealt with all those though by putting on a cardigan and turning the stereo up!

The improvement in the weather seems to be pushing you all towards our Yumi gear, with the Ormanda Floral Lace Skirt and Xaviera Parrot Sun Dress proving very popular this week. But let's not count our summer chickens before they're roasted, so we've knocked £10 off our Yumi Malin Blazer as well, because it's always best to take a jacket, just to be on the safe side (I sound like my mother!).

Pick Of The Day today are these Dr Marten 1460 8-Eye Boots in Purple, £85.00. We currently have a pair of size 9's in our window and they are even more lovely IRL than in the photo. Dr Martens are really coming back into style at the moment, and look especially great with little summer floral dresses and skirts, or peaking out discreetly from under a maxi dress. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a DM collector, and I find they are fantastic for lasting for ages and looking awesome season after season.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow.


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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tartan Army


Hope you all had a good weekend. We have now heard that the patent Dr Martens that we've been waiting on are now due in around 15th April. We apologise for the delay to those who have them pre-ordered. For those who don't and who fancy a pair, the quicker you get your order in, the more likely we are to get it to you in the size and colour you want quickly. So why not treat yourself this spring?

We had local band The Liabilities in on Saturday to do a shoot with our photographer, Brian Chapman. It was the usual carnage associated with those lot (I keep finding random scarves and jackets upstairs now). If you're in the Northampton area on Friday, they're playing at the Avenue campus Student Union.

Pick Of The Day today is this perfectly punky Death Kitty Purple Tartan Skirt, £15.00 (we also have a few left of the red tartan version). It has a black net tutu trim at the bottom, and the Death Kitty logo safety pinned on the front, for added effect. It's a really fun little skirt, and looks great with leggings or over trousers (or be daring and just bare legs, if the weather's getting warmer!).

Spring has sprung!


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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Parroting On


It's Saturday! Admittedly, feeling a bit tired today (not sure why) but we're here to help you look and feel your best!

Going to change the window display later. Always enjoy doing my stylist bit! Going to put some more of our Yumi pieces on the female mannequins, and have a great pair of Dr Martens 8-Eye boots in Purple to put on display as well (they were from a cancelled order, so if anyone's a size 9, give these a try!).

Pete's in the corner designing the poster for the next Retro-Beat at the Horseshoe Inn, and our photographer Brian is coming in later to do his thing in the Unorthodox studio upstairs. So if you're in town today, pop in and say hello!

Pick Of The Day is this Yumi Xaviera Parrot Sun Dress, £50.00, that went up on our online shop yesterday. It's available in black, navy or beige, and has a contrasting coloured print of exotic flowers and parrots, both front and back. The neckline is decorated with coloured beads, and it has a very elegant cross-strap back. It's a lovely piece for your summer wardrobe, and our customers have already been having dilemmas over which colour they prefer (I would always recommend buying all three, but then I would say that!). I think it's really typical of Yumi's style, with the colourful print and simple lines, so if you're a fan of the label, this is a must-have.

Have a great weekend!


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Friday, 18 March 2011

Big Cats


Opened slightly late today as I went to a breakfast meeting about Wellingborough town centre. It also gave me chance to check out the new cafe on Church Street, Bewitched, which I'd been meaning to go in for ages. After a coffee and a piece of cake, I am a convert. It's a beautiful building, and the patio outside will be lovely when the weather gets warmer, so if you get chance and you're in the area, it's the perfect place to relax and refuel after a spree in here. :)

Just finished reading Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Francaise which is a fascinating account of life in France during World War II, mainly the exodus from Paris during the invasion and then life in a village during the occupation, and examining all of the issues as well as the French class system of the time. The appendix containing first her correspondance, and then that of her husband, publishers and supporters following her arrest and deportation are really moving, especially given that they were still trying to find her (and her husband) years after their deaths in concentration camps. Cheerful, no, but definitely worth reading. Next I'm starting on the final book in Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest. I've really enjoyed the previous two books, and will be quite gutted to get to the end of the trilogy, but at least this is the longest one so I should be a while. Then I can check out the Swedish film versions (and the American ones, once they are released, I think starting later this year).

Anyway, back onto clothes (that's why we're here, right?)...

Pick Of The Day today was added to our online shop yesterday and is proving very popular in store. This Yumi Yaura Leopard Tunic Dress, £45.00, is a really distinctive piece. Available in black or mauve (admittedly, more of a tan colour in my opinion, but who am I to argue with the Yumi powers that be), it has a leopard cub on the front, as well as a floral print that continues onto the back. The shoulders are decorated with beading in the same colour as the dress to add a bit of glamour, and tassles (great if you're like me and not a fan of your upper arms!). It can be worn with tights, leggings or bare legs for a night out with some pretty shoes and accessories, or just dress it down over skinny jeans. Either way, it's a great statement piece without being garish or ostentatious. Expecting these to be very popular (I'm resisting a 'roaring success' pun), so claim yours now!

Have a great Friday, and make sure you give over some weekend time to either popping in to try on our beautiful pieces (we love to help if you need a second opinion!) or by having a browse of our online shop. Any questions, just call, e-mail, tweet, Facebook us, or use the comment form on our website. Also, if you've bought something from us recently, either in person or online, please leave us a little review on our Facebook page, in the reviews section. We love to hear what you think and make sure we're doing everything we can to keep you happy!


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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Walk The Line


There was a bit of a car crash outside this morning so forgive me if I babble slightly. It was too much drama for this early in the morning!

Happy St Patrick's Day! We're going to celebrate by giving away some of our Barry M make-up (in green naturally), so if you spend £25 or more on clothes today, either in store or through our website, we'll pick you out either a green-coloured Nail Paint, Dazzle Dust, Eye Crayon or Coloured Mascara. It's while stocks last so get in there and join our Big Green Giveaway!

Sticking with our make-up theme today, these Barry M Liquid Eyeliners, £4.79, are our Pick Of The Day. We have these in stock in Black, Blue, Purple and Pink. As with all Barry M, they're not tested on animals, and these are long-lasting and easy to apply. Perfect if you want to do 60s-style Adele-esque flicks.

Have a great day!


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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ra Ra Riot


Bit of an end of an era coming to Wellingborough. The Chinese restaurant, Chi Chi's, down the road is going to be under new management as the current owners are retiring. I've been going in there since I was about 9 (erm, that'd be about 20 years then) so I'm going to miss them! So last night we went down there for our final meal (unless I can wangle another out of friends or relatives before they leave at the beginning of April). Was almost emotional! Suffice to say, I did not require a large breakfast this morning!

I would do what everyone else is doing and discuss the first part of the new series that started last night, Lily Allen: From Riches To Rags, but I was out so I have it recorded and will catch up soon. Anything involving Mary Portas always gets my vote, though (I can pretend it's work-related).

We are marking the passing of Nate Dogg (because as I have divulged above, I am of a certain age!) so thought it was a good excuse to relive his contribution to Warren G's Regulate (if you're looking at the Blogspot blog, there's a video here. If you're reading it on our Facebook notes, look for the link at the bottom that lets you view the original post to see it).

Anyway, on a happier note, it's Pick Of The Day time! This Death Kitty Bow Skirt, £15.00, is now only available in M/L and stock is very limited. One of our most popular pieces, this cute ra ra skirt is made up of 3 light black layers with white trim, and white bow detail all around. The waist is elasticated, so there's a bit of flexibility on sizing. It's such a simple skirt but so distinctive, and monochrome is always hot. Looks great over leggings (especially the Death Kitty Skull Rose Leggings!).

Right, I'm off to keep reminding myself it's Wednesday.


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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lady In Red


Hope you all had a great weekend! We had the pleasure of catching The Aviation Society playing at Retro-Beat at The Horseshoe down the road. Oh. My. God. New favourite band, I think! If they're playing near you, check them out, and we'll let you know when you can give them a listen online. Complete Unorthodox thumbs up (and frankly, we're quite jaded so that's something).

Had a great day in here on Saturday. Was a bit manic at points, so I hope noone who came in felt neglected. We even had a queue for the changing room, so I apologise for any delays, and I hope everyone who bought things is loving them (big rush on Barry M Nail Paint and Barry M Instant Nail Effects so guess everyone had lovely nails on Saturday night!).

Pick Of The Day today is the most popular of our Special Evening dresses. This is the Special Evening SENOA43 Prom Dress in Red (we also have it in Light Pink). It has a classic, slightly 50s shape to it, and is beautifully simple with roses decorating the front. With adjustable straps and an elasticated back panel, it fits like it was made for you. We have a selection of styles and colours on our online shop and in store. However, if there is a colour or size you're looking for that we don't have, please ask. We will do our best to make you happy! These have been bought for proms, parties and even as bridesmaid dresses, and with prom and wedding season coming up, why not have a look at the Special Evening range.

Geared up for a good week!


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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nelly The Elephant


It's the weekend! Those in the Northamptonshire area, we strongly recommend checking out Retro-Beat at The Horseshoe Inn in Wellingborough, where The Aviation Society are playing live tonight. We're heading down. I think I'm going to be digging out the Monsalina Chic Black Lace Dress to wear, and adding the purple Stargazer False Eyelashes, so look out for me if you pop down!

Got a photoshoot this afternoon for the last couple of Yumi pieces (they are a gorgeous summer dress called Xaviera and a beautiful tunic dress with a leopard cub on the front called Yaura). It's going to be our fantastic photographer Brian Chapman taking the piccies, and we've got local artist Rebecca Sturdgess modelling for us again. Very excited!

Pick Of The Day today is another of our ethically traded products. This is the Ethically Traded Elephant Border Shoulder Bag, only £10.00! It's available in red or black. Handmade in Thailand in fair conditions and for fair pay, the main section of the bag has a paisley pattern and little shiny gems, and the borders are embroidered in gold thread with images of elephants. It also has wooden bead detailing on the straps. The sparkly bits and gold thread add a bit of glamour to your boho!

Have a great weekend, and if we don't hear from you today, we'll be back on Tuesday.


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Friday, 11 March 2011

Blazer Of Glory


It's Friday! Check out our #FF tweets on our Twitter page for recommendations of interesting peeps to follow.

Lots of you seem to be gearing up for summer weddings, and our Special Evening dresses are proving very popular this week (some even being picked out for the bridesmaids!). For those not needing to go so formal, we also have some lovely pieces by Monsalina Chic and Yumi that would be great for special occasions. There are even some lovely Monsalina Chic and Max C pieces in our sale still!

As I mentioned it in yesterday's blog post, I thought we should have this Yumi Malin Blazer, £55.00, as Pick Of The Day. It's available in black or grey, and is perfect for this time of year when a coat feels too much but bare arms are still the road to unsightly goosebumps. Blazers are very in this season, and this one is perfect for wearing as a smart piece, or you can scruff it up a little by adding some badges. Trimmed in white, it has gorgeous white rose buttons at the front, and 3 smaller white rose buttons above the cuffs. I've got my eye on one, so I can confirm that whilst it is fitted, the sizings are generous (even to those with more than a little up top!), and it looks fantastic no matter what you try it on with (and believe me, I've been trying them on most days, I just don't know whether I want classic black or a slightly more spring-like grey).

Have a fantastic weekend! We'll be here tomorrow for all your Saturday night outfit planning!


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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty


I wish the weather would make it's mind up... I don't know whether it's still coat season or if I should just take a jacket (plus, I have my eye on one of the Yumi Malin Blazers).

Just a heads up that we will be shutting early today at 4.45pm. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. I'm off flat hunting, and a homeless shopkeeper is not a happy shopkeeper! While we're shut, you can always leave us messages on our Facebook page, or browse, order and use the contact form on our online shop.

Pick Of The Day today are these Temporary:Secretary Hello Kitty Earrings, £6.00. We only have one pair left now, so if you've had your eye on them, act quickly! They are for pierced ears, with silver plated backings. The little Hello Kittys on them add a subtle bit of kitsch to any outfit.

Friday tomorrow!


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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hearts Revolution


Well done to everyone who ordered Yumi clothing yesterday and claimed their free Barry M Dazzle Dust to celebrate International Womens Day. Hope you all got lots of pancakes too (I opted for the simple sugar and squirty cream topping... no, I know, not remotely healthy but I chose light squirty cream!).

Not quite as much sun in the sky today, but we're still feeling perky and it's no excuse not to start adding to your spring/summer wardrobe (we would say that)! Also, for those who have special events coming up, don't forget to check out our range of prom dresses and posh frocks by Special Evening. They're quite a bargain!

Pick Of The Day today is this Yumi Larinda Heart Print Blouse, £35.00. It's currently the best selling Yumi piece here, which means we are already out of stock of the Large size, but still have them in Small and Medium. Black with a cute white heart print, this blouse is elasticated at the waist for shape, and has gorgeous black lace detailing on the cap sleeves and upper back. Romantic, non? A great little blouse that can be worn for all sorts (we like to make sure you get your moneys worth!). So be quick, we can't guarantee how long they'll hang around!

Have a great Wednesday (I'm psyching my lazy self up to go out to the bank and the Post Office to send off yesterday's orders).


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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cameo Like A Bomb


Hope you all had a good weekend. Today is both International Women's Day and Pancake Day. International Women's Day is about highlighting the causes of equality and women's rights, and the people who fight for them. To celebrate, we're giving away a Barry M Dazzle Dust with every order of Yumi clothing received today. And Pancake Day? Well, whilst it has religious roots, for a lot of us, it's about eating pancakes! I have the utmost admiration for anyone who can flip them in a frying pan, because I can't!

The Dr Martens we have had on backorder are gradually starting to come through, so if you've had your eyes on some, now is the time to get your order in to ensure you get the ones you want!

We've been at the books again. I reckon I'm going to finish Graham Greene's Our Man In Havana today and get started on Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. Anyone got any recommendations for our Unorthodox library?

Today's Pick Of The Day is one of our Spring/Summer 2011 favourites. This is the Meila Lace Tea Dress by Yumi. It's available in grey, black or navy (yes, it is a purple-y kinda navy, we noticed that too). It's vintage look is very on trend and is enhanced by the cameo brooch that comes with it. The waistband is elasticated as well, for better fitting and a flattering shape (great for girls with curves, this one), and means you can fit in another pancake later! This is an absolutely classic dress and a must-have!

View and choose your Yumi Meila Lace Tea Dress on our online shop here.

Have a good day, whether yours is about women's rights or pancakes (I'm a fan of both).


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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pinky & Punky


We're feeling somewhat delicate again in Unorthodox this morning. I should know by now that when going for a Friday after-work drink, "just the one" never works out that way. I'm blaming Pete and photographer Brian for leading me astray! I also managed to prove how truly awful I am at playing pool. But still, we are hear and chirpy and ready to help you with all your weekend fashion needs!

We thought we'd have something versatile and cheap for our Pick Of The Day today. This Pink Punk Scarf is ethically traded (see our previous blog posts for more information on our ethically traded products). It's a long, wide tassled scarf with a pink tartan pattern, and can be worn in any number of different ways. Plus, for only £6.00, it's a great little accessory bargain.

Order your Pink Punk Scarf on our online shop.

Have a great weekend, and if we don't see or hear from you today, we'll catch up with you on Tuesday.


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Friday, 4 March 2011

Princess And The Peacock


It's FRIDAY! Ahem, sorry, thought I'd get that out the way. Of course, we're open Saturdays so not sure why I still get so excited on a Friday but there you go! Force of habit, I guess!

We now have the new issue of Northamptonshire's Image magazine in store, so pop in a pick up your free copy (seriously, please, I do not have the space for these!).

Pick Of The Day is one of our sale items, and stock is now very very limited so if you love it, get in quick! It's a grey Peacock belt by Max C, and it's now only £10. It's an elasticated belt, with a gold-coloured peacock clasp. It's really distinctive, and perfect for the fashinionista in you. With all the tunic-style dresses about this spring/summer, belts are a great way of wearing them whilst giving yourself some shape.

Order your Max C Peacock Belt on our online shop.

Have a great Friday!


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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Floral Fancies


Did anyone else watch The Model Agency on Channel 4 last night? I'm becoming quite fixated with it. Looks like there's some high drama coming up in future episodes, so if you've not had a look, do! Let us know what you think.

Almost finished The Girl Who Played With Fire, so thinking of starting on Graham Greene's Our Man In Havana later. We're a literary lot here, you know!

Got some more Yumi items to add to the online shop later this morning, too, so look out for those.

It's my weekly nail painting day... I know I'll be starting and finishing with Barry M 3 In 1 Nail Paint, but not sure what colour to go for. My usual favourite is Barry M Neon Nail Paint in Neon Pink topped off with Barry M Instant Nail Effects so might go with that. Or maybe I should go purple to match my hair? Anyway...

Back to our gorgeous new Yumi Spring/Summer 2011 collection for today's Pick Of The Day. This is the Ormanda Floral Lace Skirt and it's beautiful! Available in black or cream, it has a silky underskirt to protect your modesty, and a rose print lace top layer. The front zip is very on trend, and is decorated with a little Yumi heart. It's about as cute as it comes and looks fantastic just worn simply with a black vest and maybe some leggings.

Own your Yumi Ormanda Floral Lace Skirt from our online shop.

Have a great day!


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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Flowers In The Window


I have to say, I really love it when we get feedback from customers. So thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on our Facebook, tweet us, e-mail us, or just pop in to let us know what they think. With your input, we're always striving to improve our services and make sure we have more of the pieces you want. So glad to hear how much everyone loves the new Spring/Summer collections too! If you've bought something from us and want to tell us what you think, or have any ideas, please let us know. We have our Facebook page (with a reviews tab that you're welcome to use) and our Twitter account, as well as this blog, or pop in or get in touch through the online shop.

Our pink fluffy fairy lights in the window have died. I think it's one of those situations where you have to try every bulb to see which one is the problem. Not looking forward to that!

Pick Of The Day today (taking a break from our Yumi fixation) are these ethically traded Sequined Flower Bags. Available in turquoise or purple, these are handmade in Thailand. These bags are decorated with sequins and embroidery, and are light enough not to be a burden, but big enough to be a useful everyday bag. They're proving very popular! All of our ethically traded products come from Windhorse, who are a company that trade according to Buddhist values and ethos. They give all of their suppliers a fair price, build connections with them, monitor wages and working conditions, minimise environmental impact, and use some of their profits on projects within the communities where the products are made. All in all, they are good people and when you purchase any of our ethically traded products, you're helping to support their work. Good on you! Check out the Ethically Traded Products section of our online shop for more of their wonderful bits and pieces!

Order your Ethically Traded Sequined Flower Bag on our online shop.

Have a great day!


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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Tiers


First of the month, so lots of admin to do today, so I'll keep this brief. We're adding Yumi pieces to the online shop all the time, so keep checking the New In and Yumi sections on the online shop.

Just started reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played With Fire, so hopefully will get time to dip into that later as well!

Those in the Wellingborough area, did you see our advert on the front of the Weekend section in Saturday's Northants Evening Telegraph? Of course, if you're reading this, none of it was news to you, but still!

Remember, with Mothers Day coming up, we can always help you find the perfect gift for your budget, from our bespoke Barry M gift sets, to our Smashing Glass glassware, artwork, and ethically traded gifts, to our clothes and accessories. If you can't decide, you can always opt for one of our gift certificates!

Pick Of The Day is this Yumi Marlana Lace Tiered Dress. It's been in our window for a week, and it's already much admired. Beautifully vintage looking, it's available in black, beige or grey. It has gorgeous rosette detail around the neckline, and long ties at the waist that you can use to create a variety of looks (we like tying it into a bow at the side).

Find your Yumi Marlana Lace Tiered Dress on our online shop.

Have a great week. See you tomorrow!


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