Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bruise Violet


We're celebrating the first bit of almost warm weather by having the door of the shop open. Except our side of the street isn't getting any sunshine so I'm a bit chilly and I'd forgotten how noisy the traffic was. Dealt with all those though by putting on a cardigan and turning the stereo up!

The improvement in the weather seems to be pushing you all towards our Yumi gear, with the Ormanda Floral Lace Skirt and Xaviera Parrot Sun Dress proving very popular this week. But let's not count our summer chickens before they're roasted, so we've knocked £10 off our Yumi Malin Blazer as well, because it's always best to take a jacket, just to be on the safe side (I sound like my mother!).

Pick Of The Day today are these Dr Marten 1460 8-Eye Boots in Purple, £85.00. We currently have a pair of size 9's in our window and they are even more lovely IRL than in the photo. Dr Martens are really coming back into style at the moment, and look especially great with little summer floral dresses and skirts, or peaking out discreetly from under a maxi dress. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a DM collector, and I find they are fantastic for lasting for ages and looking awesome season after season.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow.


Now Playing In The Shop: Antimatter (Hip Hop Mix) - Tricky

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