Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elephant Love Medley


I do like to try to stick to music related blog titles (this one is from Moulin Rouge). Granted, ones relating to today's Pick Of The Day were limited so this is all I could come up with. I'd already used Nelly The Elephant on our Elephant Border Shoulder Bag.

Just had a chat with our electricity supplier and explained that repeatedly sending me a letter telling me their metre reader says the property is empty leaves me a bit miffed. It's like telling someone their house looks abandoned! They were very nice about it, though. But if you are our metre reader, you're not in my good books! Cheeky sod!

On my ongoing fun with telemarketers, I had a call from one towards the end of yesterday. As I was having a conversation with someone in the shop, I said I wasn't here and pretended to be Isabel (our executive minion). They'll probably call back today and I'll have to speak to them. I should have told them they wanted Dave (our fictitious manager mentioned in previous blog posts) but I'd already used the 'she' pronoun in regards to me not being here. Need to think a little quicker in future! Plus, I only tend to bring Dave into play when they assume the business owner is a man, just to get my own back.

In light of yesterday's budget, I though we should have a bit of a gift-giving bargain for our Pick Of The Day. This ethically traded Elephant Rainbow Incense Set, £4.00, is perfect for Mothers Day, or just treating yourself or a friend. Beautifully presented, they include a wooden tray, 2 types of scented incense sticks (either Rose/Orchid, Jasmine/Ylang Ylang, Tulip/Sandalwood or Lavender/Ocean), a little ceramic elephant to hold your incense sticks, an assortment of incense cones (Lavender, Ocean, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang), and a little ceramic bowl for the cones. It's a lovely little set to help someone relax and enjoy their space. We also sell Nag Champa Incense (one of the most popular brands, known for its quality) as well, if you need a top up.

If you have chance to be out in the sunshine today, enjoy!


Now Playing In The Shop: Dog New Tricks - Garbage

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