Saturday, 31 July 2010

Magic Wands


Saturday rolls round again. I'm DJing at Retrobeat at The Horseshoe down the road from the shop tonight, and Unorthodox's house band (in the sense the rehearse upstairs sometimes) The Liabilities are playing. Looking forward to it.

I know for many that pay day has just come, but not everyone's feeling so flush, so if you just fancy a cheap and cheerful treat, you can't do much better than Barry M's range. Starting at £2.95 for a Nail Paint, everyone comments on their fantastic colours throughout the range, and what good quality everything is for the price. These are their Lip Gloss Wands. Priced at £3.95 (which is the RRP, so no more expensive than anywhere else), these are vegan friendly, and so gorgeously scented you may well want to use them as perfume! We have 6 colours in stock (l-r on the photo) No.2 Toffee, No.6 Tropical Tango, No.5 Bubblegum Pink, No.9 Cherry Glitter and (4th from the right) No.4 Pastel Pink. Testers are on our Barry M stand so if you get chance to pop in, see what you think!


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Friday, 30 July 2010

Posh Frocks


We're trying something new. We've got some beautiful dresses in from Special Evening, who specialise in prom dresses and the like, for a month's trial to see what you all think. They're beautifully made and we have a little selection of styles, colours and sizes for you to try. What's even better is that it's helping me stick to my promise to try to expand our range of sizes, and these are available in 6 to 18. How you wear them is up to you! Choose something black for a formal occasion or just to indulge your inner goth, or have a look at the vintage 50s styles in baby blue and red, perfect for a wedding or event. Plus, it's never too early to consider your Christmas diary, so maybe a silver or burgundy one would take your fancy! Most of the styles even come with sheer shawls in a matching colour. Do let us know what you think of them.

Pick of the Day is one of these dresses. This one is called SEKOA 45 (erm, yeah) and this is it in black. Beautiful detail, and a ruched skirt held up with black roses. Glam without being over the top, this is a stunner. It's priced at £55, as are all the other styles. All you have to do is find an occasion to wear it!


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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fluorescent Adolescent


We now have the Louise Berrill Cityscape canvases back on display in the shop and we have missed them! We have 4 of her canvases in various sizes and they are all for sale, starting at £250. But if that's not in your budget, we have a bit of a solution for you.

Newly arrived yesterday, we can now offer these Louise Berrill Cityscapes in miniature (well, miniature-ish!). Louise has produced some new versions on paper using ink and mixed media, and measuring 20cm x 20cm (30cm x 30cm mounted). All still beautiful originals, they are priced at £60 each, and we currently have 5 different ones in stock. This one is called City Fluorescents, and is so much more vibrant and intricate than my quick photo could possibly show! So if you love the canvases, these are an absolute steal by an up and coming local artist, rapidly gaining attention. But then, it's not about investments, it's about having something gorgeous adorning your walls!

Now I have to go quickly draw up some labels for all this lovely art!


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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New in this afternoon


I delayed the blog post and pick of the day today so I could have our newest dress for it. They arrived earlier this afternoon and so far had nothing but good comments!

This is our new Max C maxi dress. The last Max C maxi we had sold out really quickly so first come first served on this! It's cream with a grey skull pattern (as shown in the close up). With an elasticated bandeau top and gorgeous flowing floor length skirt, it's absolutely beautiful and really distinctive. They are £45 each and we have them in sizes 8 to 14, however we discovered with the last batch of maxis that they can fit bigger sizes than their marked one because of the elasticated top, so if you're a 16 or 18, it's definitely worth trying one on.

Enjoy your afternoon!


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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


Got a couple of new pieces in this morning from Dorne Boddington's Smashing Glass range. They both feature cats, and one of them is coming up in a minute as our Pick of the Day. Our new Max C maxi dresses should be in tomorrow. As the last lot sold out so quickly, better get in quick with these!

This is the Smashing Glass piece I was telling you about. All the gorgeous colours that you'd associate with Dorne's work, but this time, with added kitties. These black cats with green eyes are chilling out all around the vase. Hand painted, it's completely unique, and it's priced at £28. We also have a larger vase version in a similar style with more cats on it. So grab a lucky black cat (or several!) and brighten up your space at the same time!

Off to sort the coathangers. It's an exciting life!


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Monday, 26 July 2010

Spring Greens (well, Summer)


Blogging a bit later today. Been sorting out all the packaging ready for the launch of the online shop. Want to make sure everything gets out to everyone safe and sound!

Pick of the day today is one of our new JP Jewellery pieces. We have quite a few new bits in from Jess, all one-offs, and very pretty. Her new stuff seems to feature green quite heavily so great if you love that colour. This is a new bracelet. It has a double-strand adjustable chain, and a beautiful motif with green sparkley bits! This piece is priced at £10. There is also a matching choker on green velvet ribbon.

Hope you all have a good week.


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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Life's A Bitch And Then You Dye


I always love seeing people out and about in things they've bought from Unorthodox. Last night, one of our models, Louise, was out celebrating her birthday and looking lovely in one of our Max C dresses. Check out the photo in the Customer gallery on our Facebook page.

Today's Pick of the Day is one of the more subtle Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Colours. This is Rich Wine, and is a great colour if you fancy a change but your boss/parents/self aren't going to let you get away with some of the more outrageous colours. We sell our Stargazer dyes at £5.50 each. They come with the gloves in the box, and as they are pre-mixed, you can always keep some dye back for next time, so nothing is wasted it's economical too. You can also mix the dyes to create your perfect colour if their range doesn't have the exact one you want. I use them, as does our model (and trained hairdresser and colourist) Tahnee, and we both rave about them!

Have a good weekend!


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Friday, 23 July 2010

Celeb Spotting


You can imagine my excitement when I returned home from a meeting with our web designer, Rich, yesterday, to find that Gossip Girl actress and singer with The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen, had been photographed in the Worn Free "as worn by" John Lennon New York City t-shirt that we have in stock. A controversial figure, love her or loathe her, Ms Momsen definitely has an individual look, and that's what we're all about here at Unorthodox. We know the pieces we choose for you to peruse are awesome, it's just nice when someone famous seems to agree! The full article and shoot can be seen on MTV's site here.

Whilst I know we have already had this t-shirt as pick of the day, I think it's worth doing it again since it's getting attention! Made of 100% cotton, and fantastic quality like all the Worn Free tees, it comes with the iconic Worn Free tag showing John Lennon wearing the original in New York, 1974. For those not familiar with them, Worn Free is a California label who make fully licensed reproductions of t-shirts worn by various classic stars such as Mr Lennon, Joan Jett, Joey Ramone, Debbie Harry, Keith Moon, the list goes on. It's an original spin on the whole idea of wearing your musical tastes on your chest, and far more interesting than just another band t-shirt. We have these in a range of sizes from Small to XL, and they are priced at £32.00 each.

Off to write the legal jargon for the online shop. Minutes of fun.


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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Inner Beauty


Got so much to do today, so will have to keep this brief. Am enjoying the new scented stick thing my dad bought me back from France which is fragrancing this corner of the shop (it's called Arbre A The, but I feel scented stick thing covers it!). It's supposed to be stimulating so here's to hoping it works on me!

All Barry M cosmetics are not tested on animals. We like that. We also like the glittery colourful range and the not-so-hefty price tags! To add another ethical dimension, these Lip Lacquer Crayons are also vegetarian. To be honest, not something I'd ever considered before now but very good to see! Lip Lacquer Crayons are great for lasting colour, and far less likely to have a handbag-based accident than a lipstick or gloss. Just sharpen it once in a while and voila, good as new. We have 3 colours in stock at the moment: No.1 Scarlet Red which is the last one on the right of the photo, No.4 Party Pink which is second from the left, and No.5 Ballet Pink which is on the far left hand side.


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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Lady Is A Vamp


Happy birthday to our model, Louise!

Back on Death Kitty's vampire theme, pick of the day is this Vampette vest. It's a tie-up halterneck, and the back laces up with neon green strings, corset-style, giving it a bit of added edge. Perfect for when the weather is a bit sticky. It has a retro Vampette print on the front. We're doing these at £12.50, and they come in one size (given the lace up back and the tie-up halterneck, they're completely adjustable so should suit most people). Why not try it on and see?


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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Reach For The Stars


Did you know we sell Dr Martens? We don't hold any in stock at the moment, but we have a catalogue in the shop and can order them in on request. We do ask, however, that you try to be as sure as possible about the size you require. Some of their ranges are available year round, some are seasonal, but if you find a pair you like we will check availability for you.

This JP Jewellery Pink Star Charm bracelet is our pick of the day. As with all JP Jewellery pieces, it's completely a one-off so you will never see anyone else with the same one. This is partly to keep them unique and exciting, and partly because Jess (that'd be JP) is a little ditzy and is unlikely to remember what she did in the first place! But we love her, and we love her designs! The main charm is a pink star, surrounded by leaves, hearts and flowers, so this is about as girly as it comes. And there's nothing wrong with being girly once in a while (or all the time, if you like!). This bracelet is £15, with other pieces in the range starting at £8.50 for a pair of earrings to £20 for some of the bracelets and the necklaces. They're in our antique counter, so next time you pop in, take a look. Perfect as gifts, or just for you.

Right, off to have a tidy round!


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Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday Morning Comes


Finally think we have the photos all finished. They're up on our Facebook page now if you want a preview before the online shop launches. Also, I said I'd give our photographer Brian a plug so if anyone is looking for someone, be it for commercial stuff or portraits, I can highly recommend him! Just get in touch with me at the shop for more info.

Pick Of The Day today is this Death Kitty 'Vampette' skirt. New this season, it features their exciting new Vampette print (we also have it on a 50s style halterneck dress) which consists of vampire teeth, lollipops, and 50s style shades. It has a lace and ribbon trim at the top, and a tutu-style netting at the bottom. The elasticated waist means it's a bit more forgiving size-wise than a lot of the DK pieces, so don't dismiss it if you think it won't fit you.

Right, off to research lightbulbs. Apparently I bought the wrong ones. Typical.


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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bite Me


Went through the photos from our shoots yesterday with our photographer, Brian, and they are absolutely awesome. Can highly recommend him! Big thank you to all the models we've used so far!

Pick of the day today is this Spiral Direct 'Bite' t-shirt, as modelled here by Matt. Spiral are renowned for their gothic/rock/metal style prints, and this one is really distinctive. Also, check out the back print! Whether you're a Twihard or you like your vampires a little more classical, this should help you get in touch with your inner blood sucker!

Our special offer for our Facebook followers ends today. Head over to our Facebook page for more information!


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Friday, 16 July 2010

Special Occasions


Bit late blogging today but have been have an IT sort through this morning, trying to get the PC working properly. Going round to see Brian the photographer tonight to sort through the results of the photoshoots, so should have some lovely pics for you soon.

This is the new Max C dress that came in yesterday, so this is our pick of the day. It's cream, with a crochet-style floral sheer top layer, and a silky neckline with bow. It's perfect for any special occasions you have coming up this summer, or just for making yourself feel special. The bottom hemline is in the distinctive bubble skirt style that is becoming a bit of a Max C 'thing'. Bit of a mod dress, in my opinion, and definitely a little 60s.

Right, better do some work!


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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Model Citizen


Had our second photoshoot yesterday with our other models, Matt and Louise. Went really well. I'm pleased to have been able to use models of all different shapes and styles, especially with the girls. I won't put their dress sizes on here for all to see, but suffice to say we have used small built girls like Tahnee, as well as curvier built girls like Louise, and both have looked fantastic. We don't believe you have to be a tall, skinny type to look gorgeous, and wanted our models to reflect the different shapes, sizes and styles of our customers. That's the great thing about being Unorthodox!

Just had a delivery so we should have some pretty new Max C dresses out on display as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled.

Pick of the Day today is one of our Maddie Corsage Headbands. We have a couple of these in stock in different colours and fabric patterns. As with all of our Maddie pieces, they are hand made and each is unique. We also have the Maddies Corsages available on hairslides and brooches.

Right, better unpack these pretty dresses then!


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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Work It


Mid-week already. Definitely going quickly! As part of today's pick of the day, you're getting a sneak preview of the results of our first photoshoot. This one features our model, Tahnee. As I've said before, once the photos are all sorted, I'll do a few profiles of our models so you can get to know them better, and because they're not just pretty faces!

So the pick of the day today is this Death Kitty Skull Bow t-shirt. The bold yet simple design is one of their new ones, so get in there and be one of the first to own what I think is going to be a really popular tee. As with all Death Kitty bits, it's fantastic quality and great value, and lets you indulge your girly side without going too far!

Right, I have the new Heat magazine to flick through!


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Tuesday, 13 July 2010



Sorry if I don't make much sense today. We had the first photoshoot for our upcoming online shop last night. It went really well, but it meant I was at the shop from 8.30 in the morning until 10.30 last night so I'm shattered today! Yesterday we used the first of our models, Tahnee and Steve, and once the photos are ready we'll introduce them to you on here. I think they help represent Unorthodox really well, and they made the clothes look awesome! As did our brilliant photographer Brian. More shoots later in the week with more models so looks like I'll be feeling tired for a while!

Pick of the day today is another piece of Smashing Glass by Dorne Boddington. Dorne is a local artist, specialising in portrait painting, but she also produces fantastic hand painted glass pieces. This large abstract vase is gorgeous. You can't tell in the picture how wonderful it looks when light hits it. I can stare at it for hours (so far, I think I've spotted a chicken and a dragon in the patterns but that could just be the tiredness again!). Completely one-off (I don't think anyone could replicate this in a million years!), it'd be a gorgeous addition to anyone's space.

It might also be worth mentioning that we currently have a special offer on just for a our Facebook followers. All the details are on our Facebook page.


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Monday, 12 July 2010

Bit early for back to school...


Wow, you all really loved the Max C maxi dresses we had in! Sold out now but we've got some new ones coming in soon in a different pattern so keep your eyes peeled. As always, we try to keep numbers limited to try to keep you all looking individual, so check in often! You don't want to miss out!

Pick of the day today is another of our new Death Kitty pieces. This Nautical Star bag is great. With a black/red tartan shoulder strap and tons of room inside, it's great for those returning or starting school, college or uni in September. I know none of you want to think about it during the summer, so get this now, stash it away, and you're ready to go (well, maybe get a few pens as well).


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Saturday, 10 July 2010



Saturday has rolled round again. Anyone any exciting plans? Yours truly is heading down to Bungee at The Horseshoe in Wellingborough tonight to watch brilliant Northampton band Seven Caves. Check out their Myspace for more information, but they are awesome. I'll also be doing a bit of DJing with the Bungee DJs as well hopefully, so looking forward to it!

Pick of the day today is these JP Jewellery earrings. As with all JP Jewellery pieces, they are hand made and one offs, so you know you're getting something completely unique. These ones have predominantly leaf and heart charms. They look really stylish. So if you pop in, they're in the counter with the other JP Jewellery pieces. Well worth a look, and it's a local label, too, available exclusively from Unorthodox.

Have sent my lovely assistant Pete out to get lightbulbs. We're switching to energy saving ones for several reasons: 1) We want to be as 'green' as possible. 2) If we can save money on our bills, it helps us keep our prices down. 3) This is a very old building and the lights keep blowing and energy saving bulbs tend to last longer! It takes 24 bulbs for the lights on the main shop floor alone! See, these are the exciting behind-the-scenes moments you just don't get to see in other shops. :)


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Friday, 9 July 2010

50s Chick


Our new Death Kitty stock is out on the racks now. We now have their Nautical Star bags, Vampette skirts, Vampette dresses, Vampette vests, and Skull Bow t-shirts. As always, I'm really chuffed with them! It's also worth noting that Death Kitty are a company that try to produce as much of their stuff as possible in the UK, only outsourcing a small amount to China, in order to both support UK industry and minimise the environmental issues that are currently effecting manufacturing areas in China. They are also all round nice people. :)

Obviously our pick of the day was going to be one of our new Death Kitty pieces. This is the 'Vampette' dress. It's a 50's style halterneck in 100% cotton (so it's perfect for the hot weather!) and has this distinctive retro/vampire print that DK have just started using. All in all, it's a lovely Summer dress with a bit of a twist. Plus, not only does cotton help keep you cool, the white background goes great with a bit of a tan! As always, we have only got a limited number of these in to help keep you looking individual, so hurry down!

If this dress is a bit 'out there' for you, keep your eyes peeled for the new Max C summer dresses we're getting in soon. Or why not browse the Max C and Iska dresses we have in now?


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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Short Shorts


Placed our first order with Dr Martens this week. We don't have any in stock as yet, but if you know your size, come have a look through the catalogue and we can order the style you want for you.

Still waiting on the new stuff to come in. I get very impatient! We do have some Death Kitty and Max C pieces on order so can't wait until they come in!

The pick of the day today is these men's shorts from Spiral Direct. They are black, 100% cotton, and have a distressed 'vintage' look. Perfect for summer if you're not into your loud prints! We also have Spiral Direct shorts in stock with prints on them, if you fancy something a bit more decorative.

Ooh, is that the weekend I can see creeping up on us? :)


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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Let There Be Love


Got confirmation yesterday that my Death Kitty order is winging its way to me so hopefully that may come in today. Also may have some more artwork coming in to grace the walls.

Pick of the day is this Temporary:Secretary 'You're A Sweet Heart' necklace (photo courtesy of TempSec). The one pictured is in Lipstick Red and was worn by Fearne Cotton on the front of Sugar magazine. We have the Lipstick Red on a gold chain in stock, as well as the Marshmallow Pink on a silver chain. A very cute (and affordable!) statement piece.

I know orange make-up is very in this Summer so trying a coral nail varnish... Hmm... still not sure it's me.


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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Be Someone


Just a quick post today since I'm supposed to be doing the books!

Our pick of the day today is this WAM Apparel 'Be Someone' t-shirt. It's men's slim fit, and we have them in Small, Medium and Large. I've written about WAM Apparel before, but to recap, they're a local label and WAM stands for We Are Mook (see previous blog posts for an explanation!). They have a great ethos that ties in really nicely with the Unorthodox one and we are very pleased to be stocking them. This t-shirt, as with all the WAM Apparel tees and hoodies we have in, is screen printed and limited edition.

Right, back to much less fun things!


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Monday, 5 July 2010



Oh dear, got sunburn at Party In The Park yesterday. Did a lot of flyering for the shop, though, so hopefully will see some new faces through the door this week (as well as all the lovely regular ones!).

Pick of the day today is this Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Rouge. I used this one over the weekend, and I love it! The Stargazer dyes all come with gloves, are easy to use, and are pre-mixed so you can always put a bit to one side for touch ups. Our resident hair stylist Tahnee recommends them too, and she's sporting the African Green one. It's an especially good time of year to try it if you're still in school and can get away with these things in the Summer holidays! Although I'd ask/warn your parents first!

Right, got a new electricity meter being fitted later this morning, so trying to get all my computer bits done before they shut off my electricity (we will still be open if you're thinking of popping in, it just might be a bit darker than normal!).


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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Heart Of Glass


It's carnival day so gearing up to watch the parade come past the shop. Whether you're in Wellingborough for this, or off at Pride, or Hop Farm Festival, or any of the myriad of events this weekend, we hope you enjoy yourselves!

Yesterday we got in some beautiful glassware. The collection is called Smashing Glass and is by local artist Dorne Boddington. They are really brightening up the shop. We have vases, candle goblets, candle bowls, lantens, fruit bowls, trinket boxes (I really want to use the phase 'objet d'art' but that might be a step too far into the pretentious!). All the ones that are designed for candles come with them and are ready to shine.

So somewhat predictably, the pick of the day had to be some of the Smashing Glass. This large Buddha bowl is one of my personal favourites. It catches your eye at a distance but it's not until you get up close you can appreciate all the intricate details and the hours of work that must have gone into it. It's absolutely stunning. We can't guarantee good karma if you buy it, but you'd be supporting local artists and independent retail at the same time, so we think you'd definitely deserve some. :)

Have a good weekend!


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Friday, 2 July 2010

Sex And The Small Town


Getting our new flyers printed today ready for carnival weekend... look out for them. They have the Unorthodox manifesto on the back (oh yes, we have a manifesto... proper revolutionaries, here).

This Iska Raka Skirt Dress is our pick of the day. Iska is a pretty new label from Uttam (you may have seen their pieces in Dorothy Perkins) who also make Yumi clothes and accessories. It's a little less pricey than the Max C bits we stock, but great quality and designs. This dress is more than a little Carrie Bradshaw (if I recall she was wearing something similar in some of the promo shots for the first Sex And The City movie) and is perfect for all the modern princesses out there. The top part is floral black lace, there are ties that go into a bow at the back, and the pink ruffled skirt is really nicely lined. As I've said before, layering and ruffles are everywhere this summer, so it's on trend, but classic enough to last you for years to come. It's so damn pretty, so you can glam it up, or go for the tough/cute look that's about and team it with cropped leggings and a pair of Dr Martens (which we can order in for you, so have a flick through the catalogue in store!).

Right, dusting day today (all the dirt from the roadworks keeps floating through the door all over my poor floor and window sills!).


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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Floral Fun


There is a really weird smell in the shop this morning. I think it's coming from underneath it! Well, that's what you get with old buildings I guess, and this one has been here a few hundred years. Still, hoping it goes away soon, or people are going to start looking at me funny!

The Max C feather-print maxi dresses are proving very popular. Also, apparently our navy blue Max C dress (the one I refer to as the 'Alice In Wonderland' dress) was featured in Grazia magazine as a topo buy. The Max C mini rosette handbag we have in stock is also in this week's Look magazine as part of a little piece about the labels bag range and how fab it is.

Today's pick of the day is one of our new Maddie pieces that came in last Saturday. As with all of our Maddie bits, it's handmade so each one is different. This floral brooch is great for brightening up an outfit, rejuvenating something a bit dull, or decorating a handbag. We have them in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics, and we also have them as hairslides and headbands. Made locally, it's a great way of having something a little different! Only available at Unorthodox.

Right, I'm off for another lap around the shop with the air freshener!


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