Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Flowers In The Window


I have to say, I really love it when we get feedback from customers. So thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on our Facebook, tweet us, e-mail us, or just pop in to let us know what they think. With your input, we're always striving to improve our services and make sure we have more of the pieces you want. So glad to hear how much everyone loves the new Spring/Summer collections too! If you've bought something from us and want to tell us what you think, or have any ideas, please let us know. We have our Facebook page (with a reviews tab that you're welcome to use) and our Twitter account, as well as this blog, or pop in or get in touch through the online shop.

Our pink fluffy fairy lights in the window have died. I think it's one of those situations where you have to try every bulb to see which one is the problem. Not looking forward to that!

Pick Of The Day today (taking a break from our Yumi fixation) are these ethically traded Sequined Flower Bags. Available in turquoise or purple, these are handmade in Thailand. These bags are decorated with sequins and embroidery, and are light enough not to be a burden, but big enough to be a useful everyday bag. They're proving very popular! All of our ethically traded products come from Windhorse, who are a company that trade according to Buddhist values and ethos. They give all of their suppliers a fair price, build connections with them, monitor wages and working conditions, minimise environmental impact, and use some of their profits on projects within the communities where the products are made. All in all, they are good people and when you purchase any of our ethically traded products, you're helping to support their work. Good on you! Check out the Ethically Traded Products section of our online shop for more of their wonderful bits and pieces!

Order your Ethically Traded Sequined Flower Bag on our online shop.

Have a great day!


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