Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tartan Army


Hope you all had a good weekend. We have now heard that the patent Dr Martens that we've been waiting on are now due in around 15th April. We apologise for the delay to those who have them pre-ordered. For those who don't and who fancy a pair, the quicker you get your order in, the more likely we are to get it to you in the size and colour you want quickly. So why not treat yourself this spring?

We had local band The Liabilities in on Saturday to do a shoot with our photographer, Brian Chapman. It was the usual carnage associated with those lot (I keep finding random scarves and jackets upstairs now). If you're in the Northampton area on Friday, they're playing at the Avenue campus Student Union.

Pick Of The Day today is this perfectly punky Death Kitty Purple Tartan Skirt, £15.00 (we also have a few left of the red tartan version). It has a black net tutu trim at the bottom, and the Death Kitty logo safety pinned on the front, for added effect. It's a really fun little skirt, and looks great with leggings or over trousers (or be daring and just bare legs, if the weather's getting warmer!).

Spring has sprung!


Now Playing In The Shop: To Deserve You - Deja Vu feat Tasmin

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