Saturday, 26 February 2011

Racy Lacy


It's Saturday! Woop!

Well, that's our Audrey Hepburn umbrellas sold out. We may get some more in at some point, but as always, we try to only get things in limited numbers to keep them new, exciting and desirable, so it won't be straight away. I think them selling so quickly is a testament to our customers' fantastic taste and our lousy weather!

Best seller of the Yumi collection so far? The Larinda top. It's not on the online shop yet, but we'll get it up there as soon as possible.

If you're in the mood for something literary, check out my review of Edward Hogan's The Hunger Trace on my Hell Oh Kitty blog.

Continuing our current Yumi obsession, guess what Pick Of The Day is? :)

Pick Of The Day is this beautiful Yumi Quimella Lace Skirt. It's available in black, brown or beige. The underskirt has a beautiful satin feel, and it's overlaid with the gorgeous sheer cream lace top skirt. It has contrasting coloured elasticated waistband and lace detail on the hem. I especially love what our photographer Brian Chapman has done with these photos, and our model Rebecca looks fantastic!

Choose your Yumi Quimella Lace Skirt on our online shop.

All that's left for me to say is have a great weekend, and if you need us today to help you complete your Saturday night outfit, we'll be here! Otherwise, see you on Tuesday!


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Friday, 25 February 2011



Got that Friday feeling yet? Definitely have here. Our final pieces from the Yumi SS11 collection have arrived and are now out in the shop. Very tempted by the Yaura tunic with a little leopard on it! We're still adding the Yumi pieces to our online shop, so keep checking back!

Good to see everyone is embracing the Barry M Neon Nail Paint for the summer. We have Neon Pink and Neon Green in stock, and they're great. As with all the Barry M Nail Paints, they go on easily, dry quickly, and last really well (especially if used with the Barry M 3 In 1 Base Coat/Hardener/Top Coat). They also look brilliant shining out from underneath a the Barry M Instant Nail Effects (yes, I'm still going on about that stuff!).

Pick Of The Day is one of our new Yumi pieces we showed you yesterday. This is Kenna, and she's a gorgeous summer maxi dress, available in pink or navy, with the distinctive swallow bird print. It has little button detail under the neckline, ties at the back, and has a ruffled hem at the bottom. Rustic and romantic, it's a beautiful cotton piece for your summer wardrobe. All you need a warm days, a meadow to lounge around in, and hayfever tablets!

Choose and order your Yumi Kenna Swallow Maxi Dress on our online shop.

Have a great Friday, and get ready for the weekend!


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Thursday, 24 February 2011



We got the first few pieces of our Yumi S/S11 collection onto the online shop yesterday.

Let me introduce you to:

Yumi Malin Blazer (available in black or grey).

Yumi Kenna Swallow Maxi Dress (available in navy or pink).

And our Pick Of The Day today...
This is the Yumi Marina Dress. It's available in black or navy and it's one of my favourites from the SS11 collection. Printed with flowers and butterflies, it is also covered in lots of little sparkly bits for a bit of subtle glitz. Very distinctive, and very Yumi, and definitely a classic piece to wear season after season.

Get your Yumi Marina Dress on our online shop.

Have a great day!


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011



Just had the first few photos back from our Yumi shoot, so will get the pieces I do have photos for onto the online shop today. Keep your eyes open for those (or just follow our Facebook or Twitter feeds for the most up to date news).

You know how the magazines are all raving about the trend for colour at the moment? Well make sure you check out our RedRock Fashion pieces. If you want colour, this is the way to wear it! Not all of the pieces we have in store are on the online shop yet but I'll try to sort this as soon as possible.

We have a couple of kimonos in the shop (on the website soon, I promise!) that are getting lots of attention. These are ethically traded and reversable, so you can either wear the patterned pink side with the black trim, or the black side with the embroidered dragon and pink trim. Yes, I'll admit, it's a bit random, but I really like them!

Pick Of The Day are these new glittery mesh scarves, available in pink or purple. These are ethically traded from Thailand. They're great for brightening up outfits (they look especially good against monochrome ones), or can be tied around your head or waist. Basically, they're all sorts of awesome in their versatility. Plus, at only £6 each, they're almost obligatory!

View and order your glittery scarf on our online shop.

Wednesday, almost halfway through the week!


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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ashes To Ashes


Had a great weekend. The Unorthodox team were out in force for The Horseshoe's first Comedy Night on Sunday, which was fantastic. Oh, and it was my birthday. I don't feel any older, yet, though. Which is nice.

Audrey Hepburn umbrellas are selling fast (the weather is probably helping!) so if you want to stay dry in the most stylish way possible, make one yours today!

We had a great photo shoot on Saturday with the new Yumi pieces. Local artist Rebecca Sturdgess modelled for us (we have lots of her art in stock, so check that out), and she did a fantastic job. Our resident photographer Brian Chapman of Brian Chapman Photography was running the show, and it was great fun. Loved seeing the Yumi pieces being worn. Once the photos are ready, we'll have them up on our Facebook page, and you'll be able to see them on the Yumi item pages when they're on the online shop.

Pick Of The Day today is this Spiral Direct Phoenix Rising T-Shirt because we only have one left! It's 100% and features the fantastic prints Spiral are famous for. There's an awesome back print too, so you're getting your money's worth! We're gradually cutting down on our menswear, so grab a piece of history!

View and order the Spiral Direct Phoenix Rising T-Shirt on our online shop.

Have a great week!


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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Everything In It's Lace


It's Saturday! Ok, so it's raining, but still feeling the weekend joy. We have our photographer Brian Chapman coming in later to photograph the new Yumi pieces, which should be fun. Also, finally sorted my hair out which is now black with Stargazer Violet Hair Colour through the fringe and front. Big thank you to our model Tahnee for sorting that out! Also, it's my birthday tomorrow, so looking forward to comedy night at The Horseshoe down the road.

Have also started reading Edward Hogan's The Hunger Trace so will report back if it's any good.

Pick Of The Day is this gorgeous Max C London Bow Lace Dress in cream. It has ribbon trim around the arms and neckline, the bow detail, and a crocheted floral top layer. It also has the distinctive bubble hem that Max C love so much. All in all, it's a gorgeous piece, and it's now in our sale, reduced from £45 to only £30!

View and order the Max C Bow Lace Dress on our online shop.

Have a great weekend, and come check out our new Spring/Summer range if you're in town!


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Friday, 18 February 2011

Yumi Yumi Yumi


Today is the launch day for our gorgeous new Yumi Spring/Summer 2011 collection! It's now on the rails in store and we'll have it on the online shop next week. Not decided on a favourite yet, but loving the Marina dresses (butterflies and sparkliness!) and the gorgeous Ormanda skirts (lacy floralness). Actually, loving all of it! Very excited to be a Yumi stockist, so make sure you check it out. Also, a big thank you to Kaz for looking after the shop while I hung it all up!

Now, since I have to get tags on all of the aforementioned gorgeous Yumi pieces, this is going to be a quick post today!

Pick Of The Day is another one of our ethically traded products. This embroidered green bag was handmade in Thailand. Fully lined, it features embroidered elephants, butterflies and flowers. Perfect for a hippy chic/boho look. Plus, as it's ethically traded, you're sure to get plenty of good karma from it!

View and order the Ethically Traded Green Embroidered Bag on our online shop.

Friday feeling!


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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Like An Onion


Big thank you to Becca and Isabel for coming in yesterday to help me note down all the particulars of the new Yumi pieces we have in. Have more helpers coming in today so I can get it all out on the racks. We're doing some photographs on Saturday so we can get it on the online shop next week.

We have now sold out of both the Max C Cream Chiffon Skull Print Maxi and the Monsalia Chic Purple Layered Dress. They were both gorgeous pieces, so I hope everyone who got hold of one is loving it! Remember, you can always send us a picture of you rocking your new threads! We love to see happy customers! As always, we only get limited quantities of almost all our clothing to stop them becoming a little too familiar and to keep them a bit more exclusive for you, so if you love something, get in there!

Pick Of The Day is this very versatile grey layered dress by Iska. Beautifully lined, this is such a flattering dress on most body shapes. Many who have already bought them (myself included) say it's the one they always turn to when they're in one of those moods where nothing else looks or feels right. It can be dressed up or down, and is perfect for work or a night out. All in all, it's a great addition to your wardrobe and we reckon you'll get plenty of use out of it! There are only a couple left now and it's in the sale for only £20! This one comes highly recommended.

Choose and order your Iska Layers Dress on the online shop.

Edging closer to the weekend, so make sure you pop in and check out our new SS11 Yumi pieces this weekend if you're in the area!


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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Forget U


We were very excited yesterday when flicking through the new issue of Heat magazine to see our Max C London Damien handbag in black on page 76. We also have this bag in grey and khaki. What's more, we have it at only £35!

We've just put up our certificate of membership for the Federation Of Small Businesses. We feel it adds an air of class to the establishment!

We've been gaining Twitter followers rapidly, so remember, if you like to Tweet, check out our Twitter page and follow us.

We're also looking for bloggers to collaborate with, so if you have a blog covering fashion, beauty or anything else related to what we do, get in touch.

Pick Of The Day are these handmade Felt & Wood Bracelets by Irene Mosedale. Each is unique, and these ones are made with felt and wood beads. The felt ones faintly remind us of The Muppets, but I swear none were harmed in the making of these accessories! We also have necklaces in stock in the same style. These are a great way of brightening up any outfit, come in a variety of colour options, and are great little pick-me-ups for either you or someone who needs an excuse to smile.

Choose and order the Irene Mosedale Felt & Wood Bracelets on our online shop.

Speaking of Muppets, it seemed like a good excuse to relive their fantastic performance with Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammy Awards!

Have a great Wednesday, and we'll be back tomorrow!


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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Skull Candy


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a lovely Valentine's Day. We're very excited about the new SS11 Yumi collection. Some of it has arrived and we will have it on the racks later this week and on the online shop very soon. It's so gorgeous! Our Audrey Hepburn umbrellas have proved very popular already, as well, so if you've got your eye on those, get in quick!

Pick Of The Day is this Max C Cream Chiffon Skull Print Maxi Dress. We only have one left in stock now, so it's now or never! It's only left in a size 8, however as the top part is elasticated and the skirt flowing, this may suit up to a size 12. It was originally £45 but is now only £30 in our sale! Perfect for summer, it's cream with a subtle grey print of skulls decorated with hearts and stars and more. Comfortable and really different, these have been very popular, and this is your last chance to make it yours!

View and order the Max C Cream Chiffon Skull Print Maxi on our online shop.

Have a great Tuesday!


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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wouldn't It Be Luverly


We're feeling delicate in Unorthodox today. Me and Pete went to a party for his uncle's golden wedding last night and may have overindulged, while enjoying a tribute act to Billy Fury, Elvis Presley and Shakin Stevens. Odd yes, but strangely enjoyable! Tonight we can recommend something slightly more modern for those in Wellingborough, as it's Retro-Beat down the road at The Horseshoe, featuring live bands Seven Caves and Snakeman 3. My spirit is looking forward to it, but right now my body is just not sure! Anyone else any exciting plans for the weekend?

So what do you think of our new ethically traded items? They're now on the online shop (including today's Pick Of The Day) so head over to and check out the New In section.

Pick Of The Day is one of new items, and possibly my favourite ever so far. I'm a big Audrey Hepburn fan, and this Audrey Hepburn Umbrella is fantastic. Decorated with black and white images of Audrey (including from Roman Holiday and Breakfast At Tiffany's), it's perfect right down to its classic curved handle. It also has an automatic opening, so no inelegantly faffing about in doorways! It's got me actually hoping it rains! Also, at £10, we think it's a bit of a bargain. Add some oversized sunglasses, and indulge your inner film star (old Hollywood style).

For more information and to order, click here.

Have a fantastic Saturday, whatever you're up to. I'm off for more coffee!


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Friday, 11 February 2011

Can't Buy Me Love


Well, got quite a few of our new items up on the online shop yesterday, and going to try to get the rest up today. These new items are from an ethical trading company. Set up originally as a Buddhist organisation, they source products from around the world making sure the conditions and pay are fair, and put their profits back into projects in those communities. So not only do you have the chance to own some lovely things, you can feel all warm and fuzzy about it too. We focused on putting up the things for your home yesterday, and today we'll get all the new bags and accessories on there.

New items include:

Nag Champa Incense
Elephant Rainbow Incense Set
'Better To Have Loved And Lost...' Retro Metal Sign
'I Smile Because...' Retro Metal Sign
'Money Can't Buy Happiness' Retro Metal Sign
Indian Glitz Heart Trinket Box

Pick Of The Day is one of our new retro-inspired metal signs. This one reads 'People who say money can't buy happiness obviously don't know where to shop'. Might be our new motto! We have a few designs of these signs in, and we think they're fantastic, right down to the distressed look, 50's influenced graphics, and witty statements. They come with the wire, ready to hang. This one is a perfect gift for the shopper in your life (or just keep it for yourself!).

'Money Can't Buy Happiness' Retro Metal Sign on our online shop.

It's Friday! Any exciting plans?


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Thursday, 10 February 2011



It's all a bit mad here today! Our lovely new ethically traded products have arrived so will be getting them all unpacked and out on display, as well as onto the online shop. The incense is really making the shop smell nice! Also, our Spring/Summer collection by Yumi is coming in very very soon and need to get organised! I'm not panicking, I swear!

We added a few new items to the online shop already this week, so make sure you check out:

'Thor' by Dorne Boddington signed original canvas.

RedRock Fashion Ruffle Vest in Grey/Blue.

Keep checking the New In section on the online shop for more of our recent additions.

Pick Of The Day is this Death Kitty Red Polka Dot Skirt. Polka dots are everywhere for spring and this is a great way to wear them with attitude! This piece has a black net underskirt and black lace trim, with a black ribbon in the centre of the waistband. The waist is elasticated so it's comfortable and you can be a bit more flexible on size! Very cute with a pair of leggings! Death Kitty are a London-based label, who are currently striving to keep as much of their production in the UK as possible, to prevent the increasing problem of pollution in industrial areas of China. Currently, about 80% of their items are made in the UK.

View and order the Death Kitty Red Polka Dot Skirt on our online shop.

Have a great Thursday! Off to run round manically so if you're in the area, feel free to come in and point and laugh.


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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sing A Rainbow


Going to blog as quickly as possible today as we have lots of new things to get onto the online shop. Will show you them tomorrow, or keep your eyes on the Facebook page and Twitter feed for when they go live.

I've been told our ethically traded products should be in and ready for you by the weekend, so those in the area have them to look forward to, and we'll try to get them photographed and on the online shop very soon.

Pick Of The Day are these fantastic Coloured Mascaras by Barry M. Next year will be Barry M's 30th birthday, and they remain one of the most innovative, exciting and affordable cosmetic brands around. As with all of our Barry M stock, we pick a selection of on trend, popular and our favourite colours to save you time! We have these mascaras in stock in Emerald Green, Shocking Pink and Electric Purple. Perfect for toning your lashes to fit in with some of our lovely Stargazer false ones, or just for adding a little extra colour to your finished look. They are long-lasting, and the formula lengthens and thickens your lashes. Try something different!

Barry M Coloured Mascaras on the Unorthodox online shop.


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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Eyes Have It


New in the shop today is a fantastic canvas painted by Dorne Boddington, the talented artist behind the Smashing Glass pieces we stock. Taking inspiration from early comic book art, it's a fantastic painted of Thor (movie coming out soon!). It is now on display in the shop, and available to buy. I'll try to get it photographed and onto the online shop soon.

I'm told our fantastic new ethically traded products will be in towards the end of next week, so looking forward to showing those off to all of you!

Pick Of The Day today are these Stargazer False Eyelashes. Great for adding a little glamour to any look, they are easy to use and the glue is included. Take care of them, and they can be reused multiple times. Available in a variety of styles and colours, we can also order in the Stargazer feather eyelashes specially if that's what you're after (much loved by the burlesque community!). Top tips for application that we've been told include putting eyeshadow on after the lashes (using tissue to stop it falling on the lashes) to help them stick, and putting black eyeliner on the upper lids first so any small gaps between the false lashes and your real ones aren't noticable. Finish with a bit of clear mascara on your natural lashes to bring them into line, and voila, the windows to your soul are all spruced up!

View the range of Stargazer False Eyelashes on our online shop.

Have a great weekend!


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Friday, 4 February 2011

Jersey Sure


Had a great meeting with a new supplier yesterday and we're going to be bringing you some fantastic ethically traded bits from them very soon, including Audrey Hepburn umbrellas, beautiful bags and scarves, kimonos, incense, and other lovely odds and ends. They're a company that put a lot of money back into the communities they work with around the world, originally started by Buddhists, so I'm hoping we'll all get some good karma out of it!

Our online shop now has a Sale section where you can find all of our sale items in one place. Why not see if you can grab a bargain in the sale section now! One of them is the Max C Jersey Rosette Bubble Dres which when I checked last night was on Max C's own online shop for it's RRP of £42 and we have it in the sale for only £20!

Oh, and an update on Dave, the fictitious manager... he just received a phone call. I'm still giggling!

Pick Of The Day is this Monsalina Chic Black Jersey Dress. It's a lovely long-sleeved dress that is that rarest of rare things, smart *and* comfortable! With a loose fit, but enough expert tailoring to keep it shapely, it has fantastic black shiny plastic discs detailing the waist, and ties at the back with a thick black ribbon. It can be dressed up, worn for work, or just teamed with some flats. I grabbed one of these when they first came in (so I can advise anyone to consider trying a dress size lower than they may normally take... which is always nice!) and I've found no end of occasions so far where it's been the perfect choice (and don't we all want to get our money's worth!). The fabric is really soft too, making it all cosy, which is great for this time of year when it's still a bit drafty! As with all of our dresses, we only get limited stock so when it's gone, it's gone! So don't delay, this is one you won't suffer with shopper's remorse for!

View and order the Monsalina Chic Black Jersey Dress on our online shop.



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Thursday, 3 February 2011


We're getting that bit closer to the weekend... going out? Even if you don't want to buy a new outfit, check out our selection of hair colours, false lashes and make-up! Although really, just buy a new outfit, you'll love it! Hehe.

We're going to be shut for an hour or so this afternoon to meet with a potential new supplier. They do all sorts of fantastic ethically traded products so we'll see if we can't find you all some fantastic bits!

I have a confession to make. We've been getting so many sales calls recently, I've started to get a bit fed up (no one likes the hard sell!) so I've invented Dave. When they ask, Dave is the business owner who makes all the decisions, but is frequently not available to take their call. I do take messages for him though. I know, lying is wrong, but sometimes they just don't realise that no means no! My problem is, I feel too sorry for the poor person earning minimum wage plus commision on the other end of the phone (although not sorry enough to use their service that I don't need!). Hence fictitious Dave (plus, many assume the business owner is a man anyway, so I'm just giving them what they want!). By confessing this I've cleared my conscience somewhat, and at least I'll know that anyone asking for Dave hasn't done their research! Anyone else struggle with receiving sales calls? I'm sure it's bad for the soul!

Anyway, Pick Of The Day...

Have you tried the Barry M Instant Nail Effects yet? I swear it's magic! We've sold loads of these, and those customers who are local are always popping back to show me what they've created with it this time. It's constantly selling out in lots of the major stores so grab it when you can! Basically, you paint it over your chosen nail colour, and watch the pattern emerge. It's great for creating animal print effects, and I love using it over the Barry M Neon Pink Nail Paint. Anyway, in case I'm not explaining this well, this video tutorial should help (if you're reading this on our Facebook, click on the link below the note to show you the original blog posting to see the video).

See, I told you, magic!

Buy Barry M Instant Nail Effects on our online shop.

Woop! Thursday!


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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Baby Blue


Forgot to say yesterday, did you see our advert in the Spree section of the Northants Evening Telegraph on Monday? Right next to the piece on Hello Kitty. So it might be worth remembering we have fantastic Hello Kitty rings and earrings in the Temporary:Secretary section of our online shop!

Busy day yesterday, with lots of the Smashing Glass going out. The sale is still on and there are some real bargains to be had, especially among the Max C and Worn Free pieces. Have you had a look yet?

Sadly, we've now removed the Dr Marten New Authentic Zip Wedge boots from our online shop as these are no longer available in the colours we stock, although apparently they are still doing them in black, brown and red, so if you're interested, get in touch and we can put in a special order for you. We're also still waiting on the patent 8-Eye boots to come in, hopefully end of March/beginning April, so those who have ordered them, thank you for your patience! And if you've had your eye on some, get your order in quick, so we can guarantee you a pair in the colour and size you want.

Pick Of The Day is this gorgeous navy blue with cream trim Max C dress. It was originally £40 but is now in the sale for £25! It's a lovely light dress, perfect for spring, when the nautical look is back yet again. It also reminds us of Alice In Wonderland, and we think it looks great with the Temporary:Secretary Alice In Wonderland Charm Necklace. Because this is now a sale item (and has been much loved and admired!) we only have the dress in stock in limited sizes and numbers, but hopefully we'll have yours!

View the Max C Bow Button Ruffle Sleeve Dress on our online shop.

View the Temporary:Secretary Alice In Wonderland Charm Necklace on our online shop.

Have a good day!


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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The World Is A Vampire


Got The Joy Formidable's new album, The Big Roar, on in the shop this morning. Really loving it! It manages to be reminiscent of a lot of the 90s girl-fronted indie/rock that I loved, while sounding completely up to date. Really worth checking out if you get chance. The one added here is not on the album, but does feature Paul Draper of Mansun.

Anyway, now that you've had your musical interlude, I think it's time for Pick Of The Day.

This is the Death Kitty Vampette Dress. It's now in the sale at only £15, but stock and size availability are very very limited! It's a gorgeous cotton halterneck dress with a zip fastening at the back. The 50s retro style of the dress and print make it such a cute piece, a very in keeping with retro-influenced stylistas like Paloma Faith and Imelda May. The print features lollipops, sunglasses and fangs. Whether you're more Twilight or True Blood, show your vamp love without resorting to all black. As with everything, we only had these in stock in limited numbers and they were very popular so can't guarantee we'll have these long!

View or buy the Death Kitty Vampette Dress on our online shop.

Have a great week!


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