Wednesday, 30 March 2011

tRuffle Shuffle


Erm, where did the sunshine go? It'll be back right? Not a fan of grey days. I really do have that oh so British obsession with the weather.

Our friend @funkyninjadoo has started a bit of a campaign to boost the follower numbers on the Unorthodox twitter, so go check out our page and follow us (and her, while you're at it!).

I think I'm also now allowed to say a big congratulations to Tahnee & Matt Burgess (both of whom have modelled for us, among other huge favours) who are expecting their second baby, following on from the gorgeous Zack. Shame we don't do a children's line... :)

Finally got around to doing my nails again yesterday. Went for Barry M Nail Paint in Cobalt Blue, undercoated and topped with my ever-essential Barry M 3 In 1 Nail Paint.

If I have to stick Employers Liability Insurance certificates on the wall, you'd think they could at least make them a little more decorative!


In hope that the Summer is going to come round soon (and because it was RR creative supremo Kiran's birthday this week), I thought this would be a perfect Pick Of The Day. This is the RedRock Fashion Ruffle Vest, £16.00. Everyone always comments on the beautiful blue of the ruffle detail on the shoulder, and how it contrasts with the khaki/grey colour of the vest itself. Flattering, it's a great Summer piece, combining comfort and simplicity with a touch of glamour. RedRock Fashion make fantastic, colourful and eye-catching pieces that exude effortless cool, like it was just something you threw on and the fact you look awesome is just a happy accident. Not many labels can manage that!

Halfway through the week, just about. Think we'll make it to the weekend? YEAH!


Now Playing In The Shop: Skinny Love - Bon Iver

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