Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ra Ra Riot


Bit of an end of an era coming to Wellingborough. The Chinese restaurant, Chi Chi's, down the road is going to be under new management as the current owners are retiring. I've been going in there since I was about 9 (erm, that'd be about 20 years then) so I'm going to miss them! So last night we went down there for our final meal (unless I can wangle another out of friends or relatives before they leave at the beginning of April). Was almost emotional! Suffice to say, I did not require a large breakfast this morning!

I would do what everyone else is doing and discuss the first part of the new series that started last night, Lily Allen: From Riches To Rags, but I was out so I have it recorded and will catch up soon. Anything involving Mary Portas always gets my vote, though (I can pretend it's work-related).

We are marking the passing of Nate Dogg (because as I have divulged above, I am of a certain age!) so thought it was a good excuse to relive his contribution to Warren G's Regulate (if you're looking at the Blogspot blog, there's a video here. If you're reading it on our Facebook notes, look for the link at the bottom that lets you view the original post to see it).

Anyway, on a happier note, it's Pick Of The Day time! This Death Kitty Bow Skirt, £15.00, is now only available in M/L and stock is very limited. One of our most popular pieces, this cute ra ra skirt is made up of 3 light black layers with white trim, and white bow detail all around. The waist is elasticated, so there's a bit of flexibility on sizing. It's such a simple skirt but so distinctive, and monochrome is always hot. Looks great over leggings (especially the Death Kitty Skull Rose Leggings!).

Right, I'm off to keep reminding myself it's Wednesday.


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