Friday, 21 May 2010



Yay! Sunshine! I can have the door of the shop open without freezing! Although it does let in the noise from the roadworks, but I can drown that out with the music.

I've had quite a few enquiries in regards to bigger sizes. Currently, these seem quite readily available in the men's clothes and the t-shirts we stock, but not in some of the other lines. Currently, Max C only go up to a UK size 14 but some of the styles mean they may fit someone slightly larger, whilst the Death Kitty items tend to be marked in small, medium or large or s/m and m/l. The large size appears again to be about a 14, although this does depend on the style of the item. We have a changing room and people are encouraged to try anything on if they are unsure. You never know! As it is frequently reported that the average size for a woman in the UK is a 16, I am eager to cater for as many people as possible and have found labels that do bigger size ranges, and hope to have more of these in stock in the future (but as there is not unlimited space or money, this cannot be arranged instantly). So please bear with me, and I will try to provide our customers with what they want.

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Cityscapes artwork we have in from Louise Berrill, and I will write more about that then. For today, our pick of the day is this Max C navy blue dress. Blues are all over the place this summer, as part of the nautical look, so this dress with the white trim is perfect. It also reminds me of Alice In Wonderland so it ties in nicely with the recent Tim Burton adaptation, and would look great with one of the Temporary:Secretary 'Alice' necklaces.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend. We're open tomorrow, then I'm popping down the road to The Horseshoe to see their new refurb. They're relaunching tonight, but someone has to be here looking bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9am so think I might miss that! So if you're in Wellingborough, well worth checking it out.


Now Playing The The Shop: You Got The Dirtee Love (Live at the BRIT Awards) - Florence + The Machine & Dizzee Rascal

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