Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We Are Mook

Good morning (or at least it is at time of writing... have problems with our internet connection today so by the time you see this, who knows what time it will be!).

Got very excited yesterday when our new WAM Apparel stock came in. WAM Apparel are a local label, and we now have some of their very limited edition t-shirts and hoodies. As far as I understand it, when they're gone, they're gone. The designs are by graphic designer Craig Vallance, who also screen prints them. WAM stands for 'We Are Mook', and their philosophy is not too disimilar from Unorthodox's own: "As we are all aware our enviroment is changing. We believe that mass industry is partly responsible. Peoples outlook on clothing has become so that we buy mass produced ready to wear clothes for the moment, bought cheaply and compromising on quality. This creating a period in fashion in which we wear once and throw away. At WAM be believe a garment should be made to last, through quality and style."

Anyway, unsurprisingly, the pick of the day is one of the WAM Apparel pieces. It's the 'Snarling Dog' hoody (design is also available on a t-shirt). The picture doesn't do it justice, given how vivid the blue is. Definitely worth having a browse through the rail!

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