Thursday, 20 May 2010

Quarter Birthdays

Well, it's my quarter birthday today (meaning it was 3 months since my birthday). Am celebrating with a bottle of water and a Tic Tac. Very rock and roll. Have also been chatting with a lovely elderly gentleman who is a bit of a local history buff. Have discovered that 15 Silver Street was Curry's in the 60s. And a tobacconist before that. Since then it seems mainly to have been a cafe, except for its brief stint as a childrens bookshop, and a couple of years of being empty before Unorthodox came along. It is also on a map from the early 1800s so still got a bit of digging to find out what it originally was. Unorthodox: fashionable and educational!

From this weekend, we will be stocking Louise Berrill's artwork. She is a local artist who is extremely talented and very up and coming. Plus, it will brighten up the place a bit! So yes, come in and have a look (although for those too far away, I'm sure I'll be featuring some of her work on the Facebook page, Twitter, and on here). Her work is amazing, so very excited!

The pick of the day today is this Death Kitty skirt. It tends to be the first thing people make a beeline for when they come through the door! Neon pink skull print, black lace trim and ribbon at the top, pink mesh tutu at the bottom, it's for those who want to look kickass and cute at the same time. I was thrilled to hear this week that the makers of Death Kitty are launching a men's line, Devil Dog. Since their stuff is well designed, good quality and reasonably priced, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.


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