Friday, 7 May 2010

Start of the Waendal weekend

It's the start of the Waendal Weekend in Wellingborough today. Basically, people come from all over the place (even abroad) to walk and cycle around Wellingborough and the surrounding villages. I think registration started at 10am this morning at the Castle (it's a theatre, not an actual castle, for those not familiar with the town!) so I expect to see people in walking boots and rucksacks wander past fairly shortly. Can't say I've ever joined in with it. Even my trainers have heels! But hope it goes well for everyone if you're taking part! It does mean I finally got to put up an 'entree libre' sign (as per last blog entry) as part of my 'We speak French' sign. I don't know how many French-speaking tourists turn up for the Waendal Weekend, but I'm trying to be enterprising. Lots of German and Dutch people come, but I don't speak any of the relevant languages!

Decided today's pick of the day should be something for the men, so this is one of the Worn Free t-shirts we carry. Worn Free is a fantastic label (wear them a lot myself) who make licensed republicas of t-shirts seen on various icons. Massive in the States, and having just relaunched in Europe, their t-shirts are available in some of the best department stores, and I'm thrilled to have them in here. They're always great quality, and come with a tag showing the star who wore it in the original. This one is a Muhammad Ali one, which we have in black or white. It has a great back print, too.
We also have some of their t-shirts as worn by Keith Moon, Joey Ramone and Joan Jett, and well as a fantastically retro Jimmy Cliff/Harder They Come one that has been attracting a lot of attention. Hopefully they'll start doing the women's fit ones over here too, as I know a lot of the ladies would love them too! In the meantime, we do have some of these in the smaller sizes as well, if the girls want to give them a go.

Hoping to progress with the online shop as soon as possible so for those too far away from the shop, keep checking in and I promise to keep you posted.


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