Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rainbow Bright

It's Tuesday, which means two things: 1, Unorthodox has been open for a week today, and 2, today is the day I change the clothes in the window. Girl Mannequin #1 (think I should name them, any ideas?) had an impromptu change on Saturday when a customer bought the dress she was wearing, so she is now in a great Death Kitty tartan skirt and a Death Kitty hoody. The other two, Girl Mannequin #2 and Boy Mannequin #1, were changed this morning. Boy Mannequin #1 is now modelling one of the Worn Free 'as worn by Keith Moon' Jesus Saves t-shirt (also available in white if blue isn't your thing) and a pair of Spiral Direct shorts, with Girl Mannequin #2 in a lovely grey Max C dress, with a Maddie shopper. Have a look if you're wandering by.

Anyway, on to the shameless plugging of the pick of the day. I was going to pick a colour from the range of Stargazer hair dyes, but I just couldn't decide, so it's all of them! They're semi-permanent, and the gloves are already in the box, which isn't always standard for the companies making the more mad shades! We have them in *deep breath* Eggplant, Baby Pink, Rich Wine, African Green, Coral Blue, Violet, Purple, Rouge, Magenta, Copper, Blue Black, White, Yellow, Tropical Green, Pitch Black, Dawn, Golden Flame, Shocking Pink, Coral Gold, Royal Blue, Red Hot, Silverlook, Foxy Red, Auburn, Ultra Blue and Plume. Whether you want to send your whole head of hair a new colour, or just add a few streaks, these colours are fantastic.

Had a sneak peek of some of Pippa Alice's artwork that is coming into the shop shortly to help brighten the place up. Even better, it's going to be available to you guys (for a small fee, starving artists and all that) so if you love it, you can stare at it forever. Some very very gorgeous pictures. We're still looking for artists and bands who want to display/sell their work/merch, so get in touch if you're interested.

Right, better go do some work now!


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