Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I was just trying to think up a day-of-the-week themed title when I realised I didn't know what day of the week it is

Morning. Late blogging again today, but I was doing good deeds, I swear! And the books. Very excited to hear the former Angel Hotel across the street may be getting done up with the help of a grant from the Heritage fund. I think my suggestion to paint it in glitter might not go down well though.

I think the mannequins may have names! After much deliberation yesterday, currently I favour calling them Kurt, Courtney and Frances. But we'll see.

As they're forcasting great weather for the weekend, I thought I'd encourage the blokes to get their legs out, so the pick of the day is these Spiral Direct shorts. Distressed style, with a dragon print on one leg, these are the only way to still look tough in shorts! We also have other Spiral Direct shorts in with a variety of prints. Well, they mainly have different sorts of skulls on so not that much variety but there's a pirate skull amongst them! And we have some plain ones too, for those not into skulls or dragons!

Anyway, enjoy the sunshine!


Now Playing In The Shop: Bul Ma Miin - Orchestre Baobab

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