Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote For Unorthodox!

Well, this is Unorthodox's 3rd day of being open. Had lots of people in to have a look around, and if you haven't had a chance yet, please do! I can't help but wish the English language had its own version of the French phrase 'entrée libre'. It's usually a sign on a shop door, and it means that you are welcome to go in and browse ('without obligation to buy'). That's pretty much how I feel about Unorthodox. Noone is under any pressure when they come in, but some people look so nervous and I feel very guilty when they do! So please, if you're walking by, have a look! Have a seat! Be as quick or as lingering as you like! :)

Anyway, Thursdays are traditionally half-day closing in Wellingborough (but we're open till 5.30pm!), and town does seem a bit quieter today. Or maybe everyone's off voting. It's a bit dull and grey as well, so for everyone who, like me, is longing for sunshine, I have picked out a cute-as-anything summer dress as my pick of the day. It's a Max C dress, and we currently have a few in stock. It hangs really nicely and has the oversized pockets that seem to be everywhere at the moment, and seems a pretty versatile addition to anyone's wardrobe to me!

Just had a chat with the Evening Telegraph so keep you eyes open for us being featured in there over the next couple of days! I'm sure I babbled like an idiot, so please do not judge the shop by my incoherence!

Right, back to work! Please keep me posted on the type of things you'd like to see in the shop (and on the website when it's finished!). I've been looking at some lovely 50s style dresses, and hoping to get a few local labels involved too.


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