Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Forget U


We were very excited yesterday when flicking through the new issue of Heat magazine to see our Max C London Damien handbag in black on page 76. We also have this bag in grey and khaki. What's more, we have it at only £35!

We've just put up our certificate of membership for the Federation Of Small Businesses. We feel it adds an air of class to the establishment!

We've been gaining Twitter followers rapidly, so remember, if you like to Tweet, check out our Twitter page and follow us.

We're also looking for bloggers to collaborate with, so if you have a blog covering fashion, beauty or anything else related to what we do, get in touch.

Pick Of The Day are these handmade Felt & Wood Bracelets by Irene Mosedale. Each is unique, and these ones are made with felt and wood beads. The felt ones faintly remind us of The Muppets, but I swear none were harmed in the making of these accessories! We also have necklaces in stock in the same style. These are a great way of brightening up any outfit, come in a variety of colour options, and are great little pick-me-ups for either you or someone who needs an excuse to smile.

Choose and order the Irene Mosedale Felt & Wood Bracelets on our online shop.

Speaking of Muppets, it seemed like a good excuse to relive their fantastic performance with Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammy Awards!

Have a great Wednesday, and we'll be back tomorrow!


Now Playing In The Shop: For Forty Days - Apollo 440

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