Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Eyes Have It


New in the shop today is a fantastic canvas painted by Dorne Boddington, the talented artist behind the Smashing Glass pieces we stock. Taking inspiration from early comic book art, it's a fantastic painted of Thor (movie coming out soon!). It is now on display in the shop, and available to buy. I'll try to get it photographed and onto the online shop soon.

I'm told our fantastic new ethically traded products will be in towards the end of next week, so looking forward to showing those off to all of you!

Pick Of The Day today are these Stargazer False Eyelashes. Great for adding a little glamour to any look, they are easy to use and the glue is included. Take care of them, and they can be reused multiple times. Available in a variety of styles and colours, we can also order in the Stargazer feather eyelashes specially if that's what you're after (much loved by the burlesque community!). Top tips for application that we've been told include putting eyeshadow on after the lashes (using tissue to stop it falling on the lashes) to help them stick, and putting black eyeliner on the upper lids first so any small gaps between the false lashes and your real ones aren't noticable. Finish with a bit of clear mascara on your natural lashes to bring them into line, and voila, the windows to your soul are all spruced up!

View the range of Stargazer False Eyelashes on our online shop.

Have a great weekend!


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