Thursday, 3 February 2011


We're getting that bit closer to the weekend... going out? Even if you don't want to buy a new outfit, check out our selection of hair colours, false lashes and make-up! Although really, just buy a new outfit, you'll love it! Hehe.

We're going to be shut for an hour or so this afternoon to meet with a potential new supplier. They do all sorts of fantastic ethically traded products so we'll see if we can't find you all some fantastic bits!

I have a confession to make. We've been getting so many sales calls recently, I've started to get a bit fed up (no one likes the hard sell!) so I've invented Dave. When they ask, Dave is the business owner who makes all the decisions, but is frequently not available to take their call. I do take messages for him though. I know, lying is wrong, but sometimes they just don't realise that no means no! My problem is, I feel too sorry for the poor person earning minimum wage plus commision on the other end of the phone (although not sorry enough to use their service that I don't need!). Hence fictitious Dave (plus, many assume the business owner is a man anyway, so I'm just giving them what they want!). By confessing this I've cleared my conscience somewhat, and at least I'll know that anyone asking for Dave hasn't done their research! Anyone else struggle with receiving sales calls? I'm sure it's bad for the soul!

Anyway, Pick Of The Day...

Have you tried the Barry M Instant Nail Effects yet? I swear it's magic! We've sold loads of these, and those customers who are local are always popping back to show me what they've created with it this time. It's constantly selling out in lots of the major stores so grab it when you can! Basically, you paint it over your chosen nail colour, and watch the pattern emerge. It's great for creating animal print effects, and I love using it over the Barry M Neon Pink Nail Paint. Anyway, in case I'm not explaining this well, this video tutorial should help (if you're reading this on our Facebook, click on the link below the note to show you the original blog posting to see the video).

See, I told you, magic!

Buy Barry M Instant Nail Effects on our online shop.

Woop! Thursday!


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  1. I have not tried the Barry M one, but I have tried other crackle polishes and I love them!They're magic indeed!Thanks for the vid :D