Friday, 4 February 2011

Jersey Sure


Had a great meeting with a new supplier yesterday and we're going to be bringing you some fantastic ethically traded bits from them very soon, including Audrey Hepburn umbrellas, beautiful bags and scarves, kimonos, incense, and other lovely odds and ends. They're a company that put a lot of money back into the communities they work with around the world, originally started by Buddhists, so I'm hoping we'll all get some good karma out of it!

Our online shop now has a Sale section where you can find all of our sale items in one place. Why not see if you can grab a bargain in the sale section now! One of them is the Max C Jersey Rosette Bubble Dres which when I checked last night was on Max C's own online shop for it's RRP of £42 and we have it in the sale for only £20!

Oh, and an update on Dave, the fictitious manager... he just received a phone call. I'm still giggling!

Pick Of The Day is this Monsalina Chic Black Jersey Dress. It's a lovely long-sleeved dress that is that rarest of rare things, smart *and* comfortable! With a loose fit, but enough expert tailoring to keep it shapely, it has fantastic black shiny plastic discs detailing the waist, and ties at the back with a thick black ribbon. It can be dressed up, worn for work, or just teamed with some flats. I grabbed one of these when they first came in (so I can advise anyone to consider trying a dress size lower than they may normally take... which is always nice!) and I've found no end of occasions so far where it's been the perfect choice (and don't we all want to get our money's worth!). The fabric is really soft too, making it all cosy, which is great for this time of year when it's still a bit drafty! As with all of our dresses, we only get limited stock so when it's gone, it's gone! So don't delay, this is one you won't suffer with shopper's remorse for!

View and order the Monsalina Chic Black Jersey Dress on our online shop.



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