Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ashes To Ashes


Had a great weekend. The Unorthodox team were out in force for The Horseshoe's first Comedy Night on Sunday, which was fantastic. Oh, and it was my birthday. I don't feel any older, yet, though. Which is nice.

Audrey Hepburn umbrellas are selling fast (the weather is probably helping!) so if you want to stay dry in the most stylish way possible, make one yours today!

We had a great photo shoot on Saturday with the new Yumi pieces. Local artist Rebecca Sturdgess modelled for us (we have lots of her art in stock, so check that out), and she did a fantastic job. Our resident photographer Brian Chapman of Brian Chapman Photography was running the show, and it was great fun. Loved seeing the Yumi pieces being worn. Once the photos are ready, we'll have them up on our Facebook page, and you'll be able to see them on the Yumi item pages when they're on the online shop.

Pick Of The Day today is this Spiral Direct Phoenix Rising T-Shirt because we only have one left! It's 100% and features the fantastic prints Spiral are famous for. There's an awesome back print too, so you're getting your money's worth! We're gradually cutting down on our menswear, so grab a piece of history!

View and order the Spiral Direct Phoenix Rising T-Shirt on our online shop.

Have a great week!


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