Wednesday, 23 February 2011



Just had the first few photos back from our Yumi shoot, so will get the pieces I do have photos for onto the online shop today. Keep your eyes open for those (or just follow our Facebook or Twitter feeds for the most up to date news).

You know how the magazines are all raving about the trend for colour at the moment? Well make sure you check out our RedRock Fashion pieces. If you want colour, this is the way to wear it! Not all of the pieces we have in store are on the online shop yet but I'll try to sort this as soon as possible.

We have a couple of kimonos in the shop (on the website soon, I promise!) that are getting lots of attention. These are ethically traded and reversable, so you can either wear the patterned pink side with the black trim, or the black side with the embroidered dragon and pink trim. Yes, I'll admit, it's a bit random, but I really like them!

Pick Of The Day are these new glittery mesh scarves, available in pink or purple. These are ethically traded from Thailand. They're great for brightening up outfits (they look especially good against monochrome ones), or can be tied around your head or waist. Basically, they're all sorts of awesome in their versatility. Plus, at only £6 each, they're almost obligatory!

View and order your glittery scarf on our online shop.

Wednesday, almost halfway through the week!


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