Saturday, 24 July 2010

Life's A Bitch And Then You Dye


I always love seeing people out and about in things they've bought from Unorthodox. Last night, one of our models, Louise, was out celebrating her birthday and looking lovely in one of our Max C dresses. Check out the photo in the Customer gallery on our Facebook page.

Today's Pick of the Day is one of the more subtle Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Colours. This is Rich Wine, and is a great colour if you fancy a change but your boss/parents/self aren't going to let you get away with some of the more outrageous colours. We sell our Stargazer dyes at £5.50 each. They come with the gloves in the box, and as they are pre-mixed, you can always keep some dye back for next time, so nothing is wasted it's economical too. You can also mix the dyes to create your perfect colour if their range doesn't have the exact one you want. I use them, as does our model (and trained hairdresser and colourist) Tahnee, and we both rave about them!

Have a good weekend!


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