Saturday, 10 July 2010



Saturday has rolled round again. Anyone any exciting plans? Yours truly is heading down to Bungee at The Horseshoe in Wellingborough tonight to watch brilliant Northampton band Seven Caves. Check out their Myspace for more information, but they are awesome. I'll also be doing a bit of DJing with the Bungee DJs as well hopefully, so looking forward to it!

Pick of the day today is these JP Jewellery earrings. As with all JP Jewellery pieces, they are hand made and one offs, so you know you're getting something completely unique. These ones have predominantly leaf and heart charms. They look really stylish. So if you pop in, they're in the counter with the other JP Jewellery pieces. Well worth a look, and it's a local label, too, available exclusively from Unorthodox.

Have sent my lovely assistant Pete out to get lightbulbs. We're switching to energy saving ones for several reasons: 1) We want to be as 'green' as possible. 2) If we can save money on our bills, it helps us keep our prices down. 3) This is a very old building and the lights keep blowing and energy saving bulbs tend to last longer! It takes 24 bulbs for the lights on the main shop floor alone! See, these are the exciting behind-the-scenes moments you just don't get to see in other shops. :)


Now Playing In The Shop: Somebody's Baby - Andru Donalds

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