Monday, 5 July 2010



Oh dear, got sunburn at Party In The Park yesterday. Did a lot of flyering for the shop, though, so hopefully will see some new faces through the door this week (as well as all the lovely regular ones!).

Pick of the day today is this Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Rouge. I used this one over the weekend, and I love it! The Stargazer dyes all come with gloves, are easy to use, and are pre-mixed so you can always put a bit to one side for touch ups. Our resident hair stylist Tahnee recommends them too, and she's sporting the African Green one. It's an especially good time of year to try it if you're still in school and can get away with these things in the Summer holidays! Although I'd ask/warn your parents first!

Right, got a new electricity meter being fitted later this morning, so trying to get all my computer bits done before they shut off my electricity (we will still be open if you're thinking of popping in, it just might be a bit darker than normal!).


Now Playing In The Shop: Cigarettes & Alcohol - Oasis

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