Friday, 2 July 2010

Sex And The Small Town


Getting our new flyers printed today ready for carnival weekend... look out for them. They have the Unorthodox manifesto on the back (oh yes, we have a manifesto... proper revolutionaries, here).

This Iska Raka Skirt Dress is our pick of the day. Iska is a pretty new label from Uttam (you may have seen their pieces in Dorothy Perkins) who also make Yumi clothes and accessories. It's a little less pricey than the Max C bits we stock, but great quality and designs. This dress is more than a little Carrie Bradshaw (if I recall she was wearing something similar in some of the promo shots for the first Sex And The City movie) and is perfect for all the modern princesses out there. The top part is floral black lace, there are ties that go into a bow at the back, and the pink ruffled skirt is really nicely lined. As I've said before, layering and ruffles are everywhere this summer, so it's on trend, but classic enough to last you for years to come. It's so damn pretty, so you can glam it up, or go for the tough/cute look that's about and team it with cropped leggings and a pair of Dr Martens (which we can order in for you, so have a flick through the catalogue in store!).

Right, dusting day today (all the dirt from the roadworks keeps floating through the door all over my poor floor and window sills!).


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