Friday, 9 July 2010

50s Chick


Our new Death Kitty stock is out on the racks now. We now have their Nautical Star bags, Vampette skirts, Vampette dresses, Vampette vests, and Skull Bow t-shirts. As always, I'm really chuffed with them! It's also worth noting that Death Kitty are a company that try to produce as much of their stuff as possible in the UK, only outsourcing a small amount to China, in order to both support UK industry and minimise the environmental issues that are currently effecting manufacturing areas in China. They are also all round nice people. :)

Obviously our pick of the day was going to be one of our new Death Kitty pieces. This is the 'Vampette' dress. It's a 50's style halterneck in 100% cotton (so it's perfect for the hot weather!) and has this distinctive retro/vampire print that DK have just started using. All in all, it's a lovely Summer dress with a bit of a twist. Plus, not only does cotton help keep you cool, the white background goes great with a bit of a tan! As always, we have only got a limited number of these in to help keep you looking individual, so hurry down!

If this dress is a bit 'out there' for you, keep your eyes peeled for the new Max C summer dresses we're getting in soon. Or why not browse the Max C and Iska dresses we have in now?


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