Thursday, 1 July 2010

Floral Fun


There is a really weird smell in the shop this morning. I think it's coming from underneath it! Well, that's what you get with old buildings I guess, and this one has been here a few hundred years. Still, hoping it goes away soon, or people are going to start looking at me funny!

The Max C feather-print maxi dresses are proving very popular. Also, apparently our navy blue Max C dress (the one I refer to as the 'Alice In Wonderland' dress) was featured in Grazia magazine as a topo buy. The Max C mini rosette handbag we have in stock is also in this week's Look magazine as part of a little piece about the labels bag range and how fab it is.

Today's pick of the day is one of our new Maddie pieces that came in last Saturday. As with all of our Maddie bits, it's handmade so each one is different. This floral brooch is great for brightening up an outfit, rejuvenating something a bit dull, or decorating a handbag. We have them in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics, and we also have them as hairslides and headbands. Made locally, it's a great way of having something a little different! Only available at Unorthodox.

Right, I'm off for another lap around the shop with the air freshener!


Now Playing In The Shop: Intense - Alisha's Attic

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