Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


Got a couple of new pieces in this morning from Dorne Boddington's Smashing Glass range. They both feature cats, and one of them is coming up in a minute as our Pick of the Day. Our new Max C maxi dresses should be in tomorrow. As the last lot sold out so quickly, better get in quick with these!

This is the Smashing Glass piece I was telling you about. All the gorgeous colours that you'd associate with Dorne's work, but this time, with added kitties. These black cats with green eyes are chilling out all around the vase. Hand painted, it's completely unique, and it's priced at £28. We also have a larger vase version in a similar style with more cats on it. So grab a lucky black cat (or several!) and brighten up your space at the same time!

Off to sort the coathangers. It's an exciting life!


Now Playing In The Shop: How Does It Feel, Now You're On Your Own - Neil's Children

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