Friday, 4 June 2010

Time for a bit of glitter


This week seems to have gone quickly (the bank holiday helped, I think!). Spent yesterday evening with our wonderful photographer, Brian, who very patiently took pictures of all the accessories for the website. So soon you won't have to put up with my sketchy photos! Speaking of which...

Since it's almost the weekend, I thought it was time to encourage you all to treat yourselves. We do have some lovely dresses and jewellery in stock for going out in, but if you're on a budget but fancy a little pick-me-up, may I propose this Barry M lipgloss from our make-up stand. This one is No. 9 and it's glittery and red and smells absolutely gorgeous! We also have assorted Barry M Lip Paints, Dazzle Dusts, Nail Paints, Glossy Tubes, Eyeliners etc etc so if this doesn't take your fancy, we almost certainly have something that will! Come have a play with the testers and see what you think!


Now Playing In The Shop: You And Me - Black Wednesday

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