Saturday, 19 June 2010

Last Chance!


Today is the last day of our get-a-free-Barry-M-Nail-Paint-when-you-buy-any-Iska-dress offer. Get in here quick! We also have our new Max C dresses and tops going onto the racks this morning. I'm just trying to decide how I can move around the furniture to fit another rack in! It's a bit of a funny shaped shop, when you look at it! Want to give all of you plenty of room to browse comfortably, but just need to work out how to do that! Not great at the interior design thing, me.

Pick of the day is one of the new Max C handbags. Max C's bag line is becoming very renowned with celebs and magazines, so we thought we'd see what you think by offering this one to you. It's cream and black, a touch of 60s chic, and comes with a shoulder strap in case that's how you prefer to carry it. Very smart, great quality, all the tags. As with all of our stock, we only buy in a limited number of most items in order to maintain their exclusivity and keep our customers looking individual and unique (as far as we can!).

On that note, we're also starting a gallery on our Facebook page of all of our lovely customers. So if you've bought something from Unorthodox, be it clothes, accessories, hair dye or make-up, send us a photo of you wearing it with your name, what you're wearing, and when/where the photo was taken. The e-mail address for the shop is


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