Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer of soccer


This week I should have the new Iska dresses in so looking forward to that one! Taking a sneak peak at Dr Martens new Autumn/Winter collection later as well, so it's not a bad start to the week.

You may or may not have noticed (HA!) but the World Cup starts this weekend. So if you're planning on being loud and proud in your support for England, why not take it all the way and try these red Stargazer false eyelashes? Hell, we have red nail polish, red lipgloss, red lipstick, red hair dye... we can kit you out! But if you're not an England fan, we do have these lashes available in other colours (the blue is particularly nice, if you're a lamenting Scotland fan or maybe you're backing France). If you're not into football at all, it's probably going to be a tough few weeks for you, but you might as well glam up for them, so pop in and check out the full range of lashes.


Now Playing In The Shop: Gangsta Bitches - Eve feat Da Brat & Trina

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