Friday, 1 April 2011

It's A Knockout


Just given the counter a bit of a polish. I love our counter. Not sure how old it is but the metal plaque on it states it was made by Shopfittings (Manchester) Ltd, Manchester 4. Not sure when the postcodes changed but I think that makes it at least 50 years old (but I'm happy to be corrected if anyone else can help!). It's an old drapers counter. The best thing about it is that I think we were fated to have it. When I was looking at counters to buy, most of the affordable ones were just MDF boxes. Pete said it was a shame we couldn't find one like the old drapers counter they used to have in Milestones on Cambridge Street. Now I don't remember Milestones, but it was a clothes shop in Wellingborough in the 80s/90s (again, I think, feel free to correct me). Anyway, I got increasingly annoyed as Pete extolled the virtues of this apparently fantastic counter I couldn't afford anything like. Then, a day later, we ran into the bloke who had owned Milestones in town, Pete not having seen him for about a decade. In the course of conversation, it transpired he still had the counter (it was in his garage acting as a vegetable rack) and he agreed to sell it to us. Hence, the antique counter. Admittedly, the glass on top is a little scratched and there are signs in the wood that it was once attacked by hungry bugs (they're not there now, I checked!), but it's really distinctive, and even still has the little brass ruler measuring out a yard on the top. All in all, it's Unorthodox, and that's what we like. So yes, that's Friday story time for you!

Today's Pick Of The Day is expertly modelled here by Steve, but since we have it in sizes ranging from XS to L, I think it's perfect for the ladies too. This is the Worn Free Joan Jett Knockout T-Shirt, now on sale at £25.00. It's a replica of the original Knockout t-shirt worn by Joan Jett in New York, 1981, as shown on the distinctive Worn Free tag. California's Worn Free produce brilliant fully licensed t-shirts that are fantastic quality (mine have lasted ages and washed really well), and this is a great way of showing your love of an artist without the obvious band t-shirts. Or I suppose it's just great if you like boxing. If you like boxing *and* Joan Jett, it's just too damn perfect! So get this and settle down with The Runaways on DVD or start dancing around to I Love Rock N Roll.

It's Friday! Oh, you noticed? :)


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