Thursday, 14 April 2011

Voodoo Glow Skulls

This was written this morning but due to technical gremlins, it's not being posted until now. Sorry!


I've been trying to do my bit as a responsible local business owner, so last night I spoke (alongside other shop owners) at a council planning committee meeting against the application to change the use of one of the empty shops in town so it could become a bookies. Fortunately, the councillors agreed with us, and we stopped it. Personally, I reckon Wellingborough needs more shops, not another bookies! Anyway, it was really nervewracking, but attending the planning meeting was a really interesting experience. I was moving watching people waiting for decisions on home extensions, etc. I kept looking at their anxious faces while they waited for a group of old men (well, they all were!) to wave their hands and decide something that whilst minor to everyone else, was really important to them. It was like a real life soap opera! I recommend everyone attends a planning meeting once in their life. Although I should think once would be enough!

Pick Of The Day today is this Max C London 'Damien' Skull-Studded Handbag in Khaki, £35.00. I can definitely recommend this one as I have it, and I've been using it daily for months now (the sign of a quality bag is that you can fill it with junk, drag it everywhere, and it still looks fantastic, which this does). We also have these available in Grey, but there is only one left in the Khaki. It has a zip on the main compartment, as well as 2 internal pockets, one with a zip. The straps are threaded through to give it that great slouch look, and the silver-coloured skulls that cover the main section are subtle but really original. The black version of this bag (now sold out, I'm afraid) was featured in Heat magazine. Max C, whilst they make lovely clothes, are probably best known for their bags at the moment, which are fantastically designed and really good quality (thus making this great value).

Have a great day!


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