Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Flat Pack


Hope you all had a good weekend. Thought we'd let you know our opening hours for the bank holidays coming up. We will be open as normal, and closed on the Mondays as usual, except for Good Friday (22nd) when we will be open 10am to 4.30pm, Tuesday 26th when we will be opening at midday until 5.30pm, and Royal Wedding day (29th) when we will be open 10am till 4pm. I apologise if any of this causes an inconvenience (and to be fair, I'm moving house that week, so I need to grab some spare hours here and there to do that!).

We were also mentioned in the Northants Evening Telegraph again the other day (yeah, yeah, just call me rentaquote). This time it was commenting on a flyering campaign run by another local town, Corby, trying to persuade Wellingborough's shoppers to go over there instead. Think the headline Corby tactics anger Kettering and Wellingborough in store wars might be a bit melodramatic but is probably infinitely more attention-grabbing than 'Traders slightly miffed'. :)

Pick Of The Day for today is a little bargain and a great way of support local artists. This Cat Flat by R.L. Sturdgess Postcard Set, £2.00 for a pack of 6, is taken from the Cat Flat comic book designed by local artist and Unorthodox model Rebecca. Drawn in an anime style, they are perfect for sending out your thank you notes for all those Easter eggs you're anticipating!

Enjoy the sun (or whatever weather you have where you are!).


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