Saturday, 8 January 2011

Walking With The Ghost


Just updated our information on our Facebook page so if you've not already had a look and clicked 'Like', check it out now! Best way of staying up to date with our news and exclusive special offers. Also, if you've bought something from us in the past, you can leave us a review. We always like to hear if people are happy with our service and products, and if we can improve in any way.

Fresh from its appearance in NGamer magazine, our Pick Of The Day is this Pacman box by D'n'J. It's a hand painted wooden box, that can be used for a multitude of things. Other designs are available, including tattoo-style designs, Paper Mario, and Invader Zim. To use a classic 'thank you' card phrase, it is both useful and decorative. Perfect for the gamer in your life.

D'n'J Pacman Hand-Painted Wooden Box on the Unorthodox online shop.

Have a great Saturday. We're off out later to check out The 69's playing Retro-Beat at The Horseshoe down the road. There will be glitter involved. :)


Now Playing In The Shop: We Haven't Turned Around (X-Ray Version) - Gomez

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