Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!


Hope you all had a great new year! Welcome to 2011 chez Unorthodox. Admittedly, we still have our Christmas decorations up, but they will be coming down the minute one of my taller helpers arrives!

Have you had a look at our sale items yet? There are some serious bargains to be had across a lot of the designers.

Our first Pick Of The Day for 2011 is this cute Max C dress that's now reduced to £25 in our sale! Given that the RRP was £42, that's a bargain! It is a lovely light dress that can be worn as casual or dressed up, with a dropped waist and pink detail with polka dots on the neckline, around the arms, and on the bow. It hangs really nicely, so you can either layer it and wear it now, or put it away for warmer weather. Well worth a look.

Max C Low-Waisted Bow Dress on www.unorthodoxshop.com.

Hope you all have a fantastic 2011!


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