Saturday, 29 January 2011

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It's the weekend! Our special offer runs until the end of tomorrow, so get yourself over to our Facebook page for details. Also, look out for our advert all about our sale in Monday's Spree section in the Northants Evening Telegraph.

We've been thinking about job titles a lot today. At some places I've worked at in the past, people get so hung up on them, so we take a slightly more, erm, unorthodox approach. I still think one of the greatest job titles I've ever had was during a stint working for Subway, when my badge declared me to be a Sandwich Artist. To be honest, I only applied for the job because I wanted that job title. Currently, when anyone asks, I tend to give my title as Megalomaniac (because as TS Eliot wrote "The naming of cats is a difficult matter..."). I find it amusing, as do most people I tell, but some do just look confused, and others more than a little worried. Isabel, who helps out sometimes, has bagged the title Executive Minion, but I doubt that will be appearing on a CV any time soon. Generally, when I talk about Pete I refer to him as Unorthodox Boy, but he declared this morning he preferred Unorthodox Bitch (more to do with him doing the hoovering than a nasty temperament). Brian, often referred to as our Official Photographer, is equally often referred to as The Hippy On The Stairs. I'm yet to come up with titles for the rest of our helpers (Tahnee especially defies description!) but I'm going to get to work on it (in full consultation with them, obviously). Any of you had any particularly great job titles over the years? Any suggestions? Do let us know.

Anyway, on to Pick Of The Day...

This Worn Free 'Punk Magazine' t-shirt is a licensed replica of the one worn by Joey Ramone in New York, 1975. It comes with the coveted WF tag showing Joey in his original tee. These are now in the sale, as well, so they're a total bargain for a Worn Free tee. Their t-shirts are great quality and in my experience last really well. This one is only left in a Large and numbers are very very limited so if you want one, speak now or forever hold your peace!

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Have a great weekend. Catch you on Tuesday.


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