Friday, 21 January 2011

It's All Greek To Me


First up, we'll do our Pick Of The Day.

Our Pick Of The Day for today is this Monsalina Chic Grecian Tunic Dress in Black (we do have a random size 12 red one lurking around the shop, though, if that takes your fancy). It's been created out of layers of chiffon so you get the floaty effect without compromising your modesty! It has metallic embroidery and sequins around the neckline to add a little extra glamour, and the elasticated waist means it fits like it was made for you. I always have to stress with Monsalina Chic dresses that we find their pieces are fantastic quality, really well designed and made, and great value, so you're getting a classic piece to last you through the seasons. This dress looks great with leggings, or teamed with some gladiator sandals in the summer. As with everything we stock, numbers are limited so if you love it, make it yours now! Go on, it's Friday, treat yourself.

View this dress on our online shop.

This week we have sold out of the Death Kitty Nautical Star Bag, so we wave a fond farewell to those and hope those of you who nabbed one are loving it. Don't despair though, as we have our fantastic Max C Damien bags (as seen in Pick Of The Day yesterday), as well as handmade bags and purses by Maddie and D'n'J. We are also now out of stock of the RedRock Bleach-Out Tunic Vests, but their head honcho Kiran has got me all excited about their new Spring pieces, due in the next few months. Look out for them in Company magazine, as well!

In other and completely unrelated news, I finished reading Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (yes, I know, totally behind the crowd, but better late than never) and it was absolutely fantastic. Want to check out the Swedish film version now! So yes, if anyone is looking for a good read (even if you're not usually a crime thriller fan, which I'm not), then this will keep you occupied! Just a little recommendation from the Unorthodox team!

Also, congratulations to our model Tahnee (shown above) and her husband Matt (also one of our models) on their baby boy's first birthday this week (we're not orchestrating the breeding of our future models, I swear!). Happy birthday Zack!

Right, just make it through your Fridays and love your weekend! We'll be here if you need anything. :)


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