Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lady Of The Flowers


Sometimes these song-title inspired blog titles are pretty hard to come up with!

How are we all this Saturday? We're down to our last stock on quite a few pieces now so if you fancy the Temporary:Secretary Hello Kitty ring or the Iska Slinky Butterfly Dress, get in quick! Also, if everyone is pestering you to tell them what you want for Xmas, don't forget we can hold a wishlist for you, or we have the gift vouchers (gift vouchers are in store only).

Thank you to everyone who nominated us for Inspiring Independents. It's not too late so if you haven't already, send an e-mail to telling them you love us and why.

Also, Kat (that would be your blogger here) is going to be in the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph Spree section on Monday revealing the inside of her wardrobe. Please don't be too harsh in your judgements!

Pick Of The Day is this handmade, one-off, unique charm bracelet from JP Jewellery. Pretty and delicate, it has flower, cross, rose and leaf charms, and is perfect for glamming up bare arms (are you mad? It's freezing!) or adding a bit of sparkle to a simple outfit. Plus, you'll never see it on anyone else as it's the only one in the world.

JP Jewellery Cross & Flower Bracelet on

Have a great weekend and we'll be back with you on Tuesday.


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