Friday, 19 November 2010

You're Still On Your GameBoy


Always good to get a reference to Shampoo in the blog title. Just me? Ok then.

All ready for your weekend? If not, we're open today and tomorrow until 5.30pm for all your fashion, accessory and cosmetic needs! I reckon every outfit can be improved with a pair of Stargazer false lashes and a Barry M Glitter Shaker Pot.

Pick Of The Day is this very kitsch and cute GameBoy necklace from RedRock Fashion. Expertly made from hama, and on a long chain, this pendant is great for re-living your misspent youth and brightening up your day (also, would make a great Xmas present!). At only £7.00 you can't really say "no" can you?

RedRock Fashion GameBoy Necklace on



Now Playing In The Shop: Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk) - Wink

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