Saturday, 6 November 2010

Shake Baby Shake


Saturday has rolled round again! Hope everyone had a good bonfire night/diwali (either way, fireworks!).

Got my Dr Martens on today. Perfect for Autumn/Winter, and if you haven't had a look through the Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue in store yet, do! They have some gorgeous new lines, including their new Diva range. A selection of Dr Martens are also available on the online shop, but if you don't see what you want, just send us a message and we'll let you know if we can get them for you and the best price.

Pick Of The Day today are these cute little Glitter Shaker Pots from Barry M. They're great for adding a bit of added sparkle to your body or outfit, or take them out with you and share the shininess! Perfect for the festive season. As with all our Barry M products, we stick to the recommended retail price, so you don't pay any more to buy from us than you would at most large retailers or from Barry M themselves (barring special offers, we can't keep track of everything!). You do, however, get the warm fuzzy glow of supporting independent retailers and our undying love. :)

Barry M Glitter Shaker Pots on

Have a great weekend! Catch you on Tuesday.


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  1. Hi, I don't suppose by any chance you used to have a stall in Camden circa 2003/2004? I bought a skirt and dress from someone back then and I'm sure they were labelled Death Kitty...

  2. No, 'fraid not. Death Kitty are a London-based label, we just stock them, so might have been another stockist. They do tend to crop up a lot around Camden. :)