Friday, 26 November 2010

Daisy Daisy


Still no snow (which I'm secretly quite pleased about, to be honest) in the vicinity of Unorthodox. Just even more cold!

A bit of good news for Barry M fans, nail obsessives, and beauty innovators in general. We will have the Barry M Instant Nail Effects back in stock from Tuesday. I know a lot of you have been requesting it, so we've tried to make sure we have enough to keep you all going over the festive season! That said, given how quickly it went last time, probably best to get yours sooner rather than later!

Pick Of The Day is from our collection of artwork we have. This is a limited edition print of Daniel Cheney's Hidden Woman (Colour) from his Mother Nature collection. Already framed in a simple clip-frame, the print is signed by the artist, is only available in limited numbers, and is exclusively through Unorthodox. There is also a black and white version available. Daniel Cheney is a young, Northamptonshire artist with a mid-Atlantic accent, the former owner of what could be a world record breaking sized afro, and does a passable impression of Moss from The IT Crowd. He is also very talented, and these reasons combined make his work perfect for Unorthodox. We don't want our artists to be ordinary and dull!

Hidden Woman (Colour) by Daniel Cheney Framed Signed Limited Edition Print on

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