Saturday, 23 October 2010

Village People


From this afternoon, gift certificates will be available from the Unorthodox shop on Silver Street, Wellingborough. These can currently only be used in the shop, and not on the website, but if you're in the area, they're perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion when you want to get a gift. It avoids all sorts of dramas over what the recipients taste/dress size/preferences are!

Pick Of The Day is this Pippa Alice piece, The Village. It's a signed, original piece of artwork on handmade recycled cotton rag paper. It measures 11cm x 15.5cm approx, so it's little enough to brighten up even the smallest space (also, from a gift perspective, it's much easier to post!). We have a variety of Pippa Alice pieces in the shop and on the online shop, and they're all very very beautiful. This is a perfect chance for you or someone you know to own an original and show it off to your friends!

The Village by Pippa Alice on

Have a good weekend! See you Tuesday.


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