Wednesday, 13 October 2010



The joke in the title of today's blog is courtesy of Tony Carter. Cheers!

We got in some lovely new Special Evening dresses yesterday to get you ready for the party season. They're not on display yet, but hope to have them out and ready for your approval by the weekend. As many of you wanted something a bit brighter, we've gone for blues, lilacs, reds, purples... there should be something that takes your fancy. Also new in yesterday, D'n'J have made us another of their kickass hand-painted wooden boxes. This new one features an Invader Zim design (ok, I had to check Wikipedia for that cultural reference but still...). We also have a new reversable bag by them with a Halloween design, but then, for some of us, every day is Halloween so it's perfect for all year round.

In online shop news, the other D'n'J wooden boxes we have in are now on there in the D'n'J section and feature Space Invaders and Pacman among other designs, so perfect for the retro gamer in your life.

Obviously, I'm going to pick one of the D'n'J boxes as Pick Of The Day. This Pacman one is my favourite. Bright colours, kitsch design, and the perfect place to stash your cheat codes. It has been painted and waxed by hand, with a little metal clasp at the front. All measurements for it are on the item's page on our online shop so click the link below for more info.

D'n'J Pacman Hand-Painted Wooden Box on

Half-way through the week. Hope it's going well for you all!


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