Thursday, 16 December 2010

Daydream Believer


Hoping to have our lovely new Monsalina Chic and RedRock Fashion pieces in for you this weekend, but we will keep you posted. We've also got a little Stargazer Neon Glitter Shaker stand that's going into the Horseshoe Inn (the world's smallest pop up shop, if you will), so if you're out in Wellingborough over the festive season, pop in and buy some and add a little sparkle to your night.

Pick Of The Day is this signed, limited edition print of Daydream by Richard Stones. This colourful, unique, surreal print is a great example of Richard's work, and exclusively available from Unorthodox. If this one doesn't take your fancy, check out the art section of the website for more of Richard and our other artists' work.

Daydream by Richard Stones Signed Limited Edition Print on

Edging closer to the weekend...


Now Playing In The Shop: Push It All Aside - Alisha's Attic

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