Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cherry Cherry


Getting started on our Xmas card writing today, and hopefully going to make it out later to stock up on Xmas decorations to make the shop all pretty.

Like our glassware? Well Smashing Glass by Dorne Boddington is featuring in an exhibition at The Castle arts centre in Wellingborough throughout December, so if you're about, pop in and marvel!

We had our first celebrity spotting today. Ok, well it was the actor who played Sam in Neighbours and Lachy in Home & Away in the early 90s, and he is in panto in Wellingborough so not that shocking, but still, he walked past this morning. I tried not to stare. That's made my week.

New arrivals yesterday included Stargazer Glitter Shakers (including UV ones), Stargazer Neon Gel Colour wash-out UV hair colour, Barry M Instant Nail Effects, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Pink, and new Barry M Dazzle Dust colour N0.102 Burgundy Noir. They're all up on the online shop as well. Also, the Glitter Shakers and Neon Gel Colours will be available behind the bar in the Horseshoe Inn down the road from the weekend, so if you get halfway through your night out and think it's missing something, you can sort it then and there!

Pick Of The Day are perfect for this weather if you want to keep warm and stay on your feet! These are the Dr Martens 1460 8-Eye Boot in Cherry Red, possibly the most iconic DMs ever. If you've never had a pair of Cherry Reds, or you have but they've gone to the DM box in the sky (and it takes a lot before you have to retire a pair of Dr Martens!), now is the time to grab them. We sell them at the RRP, which means it's usually the same as buying them from Dr Martens themselves, but be warned, that RRP is being raised in January, so get in quick to get them at these prices!

Dr Marten 1460 8-Eye Boot in Cherry Red on

Feeling festive yet?


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