Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This Is England 2010


Got a few new Wildcat body jewellery pieces in this morning, notably 10mm Impression Eyelets with Cherry and Cat designs. All the air of a tunnel with the image-y fun of a plug. We have very limited stock of these, so it's first come first served.

We were in the Evening Telegraph yesterday, as part of their Love Wellingborough campaign. These things only seem to come up on the days I'm looking rough, and I have no idea what I found so funny but oh well! You can read the online version of the article (with a different picture for some reason) here.

Pick Of The Day today are these Dr Martens Iconic 1914 14-Eye Boots in Black. This is for many reasons. There's the usual DM ones, that they're great quality, stylish, durable, and iconic. The there's the specific ones like I'm wearing these today (proof that with a little TLC they can last ages as my pair are almost 10 years old), and that the second part of This Is England '86 is on tonight and it's a serious DM-fest. We reckon by the time the final part has aired, everyone will be digging out their boots so get in there first! Don't jump on the bandwagon, drive it! These are available from our online shop at the link below, or look in the Dr Martens section of the shop for different styles and colours.
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Have a good Tuesday ppl!


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