Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hubble Bubble


So it's the day of the Sheep Street/Silver Street Circus Street Party in Wellingborough. Our Alice In Wonderland themed window display is up (it's not subtle!), which I know is slightly off the circus theme, but a quick poll of our customers revealed none of them really like clowns. Or mimes. Or animals being used in circuses. So we decided we'd avoid that minefield altogether! There's tons going on up and down the street and the sun is shining! Quite looking forward to it all kicking off later.

I've just popped up the road to Irvin's House Of Flavour (a tea and coffee shop up the street) and am now happily munching on chocolate covered coffee beans. Yum!

Pick Of The Day is this Max C Jersey Rosette Bubble Dress, which is in our sale. Made from beautifully soft grey/silver material, with contrasting black detailing around the edge of the rosette, it's an elegant and distinctive dress. It also had Max C's signature bubble hem. The RRP for this dress was £42, but it's now £25 in our sale! An absolute bargain!

Click here to see more information and order the Max C Jersey Rosette Bubble Dress from our online shop.

Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you're up up


Now Playing In The Shop: Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

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