Saturday, 21 August 2010

Pause For Thought


They're digging a trench along the road outside this morning, but if you can negotiate your way through the barriers, we will try to make it worth your while!

The body jewellery arrived yesterday. Among other things, we have various stretching spirals, nails and tapers, as well as tongue bars, barbells, navel bars, nose studs, rings, tunnels, plugs, balls... well, come have a look for yourself! Many items are a lot cheaper than you can find them elsewhere! We have a variety of brands including Blackline, and all have been recommended to us by piercers so we are confident they are good quality products. Just have to work out how to display them all now! So if they're not in the counter when you pop in, just ask, and we'll be happy to show you what we have.

These paintings went up on the wall this morning. They are by local artist Anita Hughes, and are based on brain function and neural pathways. The bottom one is called Brain Neuron Painting 1, and is acrylic on canvas. Measuring approx 41cm x 41cm, it is priced at £50. The top canvases are called Brain Neuron Paintings 2. They show how repeating positive thoughts can create permanent connections in the brain (sort of a visual representation of cognative behavioural therapy, for the psychologists out there!) They are mixed media on canvas, and measure approx 30cm x 30cm each. They come as a pair and are priced at £40 (which is a bit of a bargain for two canvases!). All are signed originals.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


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